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By D. W. Davies (auth.)

This quantity is an try and provide the yankee reader an idea of the level of the Dutch community of exchange within the 17th century. even if a few attempt is made to caricature out, despite the fact that in short, the actions of the Dutch in a variety of areas during the century, emphas1s has been put on their first front into those components in that interval. In each one region the products which the Netherlanders bought were indicated in addition to the goods they traded for them. The association of the chapters demands a proof. scholars of Dutch background will give some thought to Surat and Persia as a typical unit, and of Malabar and Ceylon, Japan and China, West Africa and Brazil as being different entities which one could obviously talk about jointly. i've got followed the extra visible nationwide divisions, Persia, India, Japan, Brazil, etc., as being extra simply com­ prehensible for the informal reader. in the chapters i've got then defined the alternate connections among West Africa and Brazil, Surat and Persia, and so forth.

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If these goods could be disposed of in Livorno or Genoa, then the ship was to proceed to Crete for a cargo of muscatel, a wine more popular then than it is now. Failing to get a cargo of muscatel, the ship's officers were to attempt to buy refined sulphur, alum, rice, or subtropical fruits for the return voyage to Holland. The voyages of The White Lion and The Black Horseman were only precursors of a tremendous Mediterranean trade. Beginning in 1587, Italy experienced a series of bad harvests, and by 1590 there was a serious famine.

Blubber and tusks were taken from the walrus, blubber and pelts from the polar bear, and there was also some trading to be done with the Greenlanders and other Arctic peoples. The principal enterprise was, of course, whaling. At first the Dutch knew little of the business. Harpooners, flensers, even the men who boiled the blubber were Basques, a people who had been whalers for hundreds of years. In season, on the spot most frequented, blossomed the village of Smeerenburg, or Blubbertown, which at its height in the years I6I7I624 counted a thousand inhabitants, bakers, peddlers, and whaling men.

Apparently, although Italian ships sought these Lowland ports, and Netherlands ships The Mediterranean sailed to Spain and West Mrica, the Netherlanders were content not to pass beyond the Straits of Gibraltar until forced to it by the depressed state of their Iberian commerce. Here as in other instances impetus was given to the trade by refugees from the South Netherlands who had business connections in the Mediterranean, and who knew about or had been involved in voyages from Antwerp to Italian ports.

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