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By Lev Okun

Translated from Russian through Vitaly Kisin

This little publication concentrates at the foundations of contemporary physics (its "ABC's") and its so much basic constants: c the speed of sunshine and ħ— the quantum of motion.

firstly, the publication is addressed to expert physicists, yet as a way to in achieving maximal focus and readability it makes use of the best (high university) arithmetic. therefore many pages of the ebook might be precious to varsity scholars and should attract a extra common viewers.

Readership: students and readers within the actual sciences.

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The orbital number l can take integer values from 0 to n − 1. States with l = 0, 1, 2, 3 ABCPhysics February 23, 2012 9:39 World Scientific Book - 7in x 5in Periodic table of chemical elements ABCPhysics 39 are denoted by s, p, d, f , respectively. The projection ml can assume 2l + 1 values from −l to +l. The projection of the spin ms can assume two values: − 12 , + 12 . In contrast to the hydrogen atom, the mass of the quantum state of other atoms depends not only on n but also on l. It is for this reason that d shells in the fourth and fifth periods are filled before the p shells and in the sixth and seventh periods the f shells are filled before the d shells.

11 Action Among all physical quantities there is one which occupies a central position in physics. This quantity is action S. The central role of action in physics is due to the existence of the basic law of physics — the principle of least action. This principle was first formulated by Fermat. The universal, the key role of action in physics became clear only in the 20th century. In the simplest case the action of a free particle that covered in time t the distance from the origin to the point r is defined as S = −Et + pr.

The angular momentum is called a pseudovector or axial vector because, in contrast to ordinary (polar) vectors r and p, it does not change sign under mirror reflection. For L this is immediately obvious from the above definition. The conservation of the angular momentum of an isolated set of particles is implied by the isotropy of space: empty space has no preferred direction. 2 About vectors and tensors In three-dimensional space, the scalar product of two vectors is a scalar, the vector product of two vectors is an antisymmetric tensor (and at the same time — axial vector) having three components.

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