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I t is a cognition) with regard to: . 1. -15. concern aspects of t h e Buddha's cognition) AbhisnrnayPIafik3rn EDWARD CONZE (which sees) the. world as essentially not crum (which cognizes) the thoughts and doings of (all beings, 4 . (cognizes) those thoughts (insofar as t collected, 5 . or (insofar as they are) dispersed, 6. (cognizes) the aspect from which they do not get extinguished, 7. (cognizes the mind) of those with greed, (hate and delusion), (8. and of those without greed, hate and delusion) 9.

The uprooting of the residues (of the defilements), 19. the great compassion for people, 20. the eighteen dharmas which arc said to be spc- ' 21. the knowledge of all modes. VIII, 2,7. The concentration which appeases. v. 7). (The meditative trance) which appeases (the arising of e defilements in others consists) with the Disciples (in t) they avoid the (generation of) defilements in people the occasion of their) being seen by them. On the er hand the Jina's (meditative trance) which appeases he defilements of others) (is distinguished) by the (comete) annihilation of the stream of (all) those defilements, the occasion of their (entering) into a village, etc.

Of a goose, (or) 14. of a lordly bull; 15. he walks while turning to the right, 16. elegan ly, and 17. upright; 1 Abhisamaylla~iklra 18. his limbs are well-rounded, 19. smooth, 20. slenr, 21. clean, 22. soft, and 23. pure; 24. his genitals are fully developed; 25. his knee-orbs are large and beautiful; 26. he walks a t an even pace; 27. his eyes are pure; 28. his body is (fresh and delicate) like that of a beautiful youth, 29. unimpaired (by any defect), 30. with prominences, 31. firm and solid; 32.

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