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By Barry Smith (auth.), Kenneth Mellanby CBE, ScD (Cantab.), FIBiol (eds.)

The Watt Committee on strength grew to become lively in of the consequences on structures, for example. Proposals the research of Acid Rain in the course of 1982. maybe the for motion may still consequently be aware of measures merely point of the topic that has develop into extra that promise a true development due to sure through the next 5 years is that the expenditure. expression 'Acid Rain' is used loosely in public The Watt Committee's research of this topic has been in levels. the 1st handled the character debate for a fancy of commercial and environ­ psychological phenomena. between those, Acid Rain within the of the matter, and culminated within the e-book elementary that means of the words-rain and of Watt Committee document No. 14 in 1984. that maybe snow having a considerably excessive point of file used to be divided into 4 sections, each one of acidity-is of in basic terms restricted significance. to symbolize which was once ready by means of a sub-group of the operating this angle, accordingly, the Watt Committee Ex­ workforce: they dealt respectively with the destiny of air­ borne toxins, crops and soils, clean water ecutive made up our minds that the research resulting in the current document might be entitled 'Air toxins, Acid Rain and remedial technique. within the moment section, those and the Environment'. sub-groups have introduced their sections updated The Watt Committee's curiosity in Acid Rain and a 5th sub-group was once appointed to check arises from the truth that, between its reasons, the structures and non-living materials.

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1987); Ormerod & Tyler (1987). 8. Mid- Wales. Acidified and fishless lakes occur in the Upper Ystwyth, Upper Teifi and Upper Tywi catchments. They include L. Pendam, L. Blaenmelindwr, L. Hir, L. Berwyn, and L. Brianne. Dipper populations influenced as for North Wales. References: Stoner et at. (1984); Stoner & Gee (1985); Fritz et al. (1986); Kreiser et al. (1986); Ormerod et al. (1986); Ormerod & Tyler (1987); Stevenson et al. (1987); Underwood et al. (1987). ENGLAND 9. Cumbria. Acidification problems are mainly associated with the Eskdale granites.

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