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By Joseph Roisman

With clean, new translations and wide introductions and annotations, this sourcebook presents an inclusive and built-in view of Greek heritage, from Homer to Alexander the Great.

  • New translations of unique resources are contextualized by way of insightful introductions and annotations
  • Includes more than a few literary, inventive and fabric facts from the Homeric, Archaic and Classical Ages
  • Focuses on vital advancements in addition to particular subject matters to create an built-in viewpoint at the period
  • Links the political and social heritage of the Greeks to their highbrow accomplishments
  • Includes an up to date bibliography of seminal scholarship
  • An accompanying web site bargains extra facts and motives, in addition to hyperlinks to helpful on-line resources

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Amongst the material under discussion the reason for their going to war is of particular significance. To accomplish his goal, Herodotus gathered information from what he saw, heard, and read. He was not the first Greek to write history. Others had written before him, in prose or in verse, about Greek local histories and wars, and on the Persians, Lydians, Egyptians, and other non-Greek peoples. However, there is no certainty about how much, if at all, Herodotus consulted them, with the exception of Hecataeus of Miletus who had tried to put in order and make sense of mythic genealogies.

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