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By Paul L. Dubin

The swift improvement of latest packings for aqueous size-exclusion chromatography has revolutionized this box. excessive solution non-adsorptive columns now make attainable the effective separation of proteins and the quick and targeted decision of the molecular weight distribution of artificial polymers. This know-how is additionally being utilized to the separation of small ions, the characterization of associating structures, and the size of branching. whilst, basic reviews are elucidating the mechanisms of a few of the chromatographicprocesses. those advancements in rules and functions are assembled for the 1st time during this ebook. primary matters are handled: the jobs of pore constitution and macromolecular dimensions, hydrophobic and electrostatic results, and the decision and keep an eye on of column potency. High-performance packings in accordance with derivatized silica are reviewed intimately. unique recommendations are completely defined, together with SEC/LALLS, inverse exclusion chromatography, and frontal area chromatography.

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