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The union in Christ was, according to him, a personal union. This conception led to the recognition of two Sons in Jesus Christ, for the person of Jesus Christ resulting from the incarnation was not absolutely identical with that of the Word, before the incarnation. It threatened, in the final analysis, the mystery of the Redemption since salvation could not have been achieved by a man; humanity could only have been saved if God Himself had suffered and died for it. The Alexandrian school represented the opposite point of view and insisted more on the divinity of the Word incarnate and on the intimate union of the two natures in His person.

Ashot's domain was divided between his children after his death and the power of the Bagratunis waned for a while. It was revived and raised to new heights by the grandson and namesake of the first Ashot. " Ashot the Great's skillful policy with the Arabs and with his compatriots soon received its full reward. Urged by the catholicos, the supreme head of the church, the Armenian nobles united and appointed him as their king. " Shortly after, the Byzantine emperor deemed it wise to recognize Ashot's accession, and he also sent a crown and royal gifts.

15 18:17 Historical Survey 21 particularly friendly to Armenia. Religious persecutions mark the reigns of Maurice, Philippicus and Romanus Lecapenus. The policy of expansion to the east, at the expense of the Armenians, was resumed by Basil I and pursued by his immediate successors. Nationality, as we understand it, had no meaning at that time. These Armeno-Greek emperors were primarily concerned with the greatness of the empire and worked for its glory with even greater fervor than many a Greek by birth.

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