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By Leonard Shlain

I learn this e-book while i used to be a freshman in excessive. it rather opened my eyes to the area of physics and the way paintings mymics truth and vise versa.

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Tations of different in the Bayeux Tapestry Renaissance art. d. among others, all but disappeared from Not only did Giotto single-handedly create a new way to envision and organize space, he also isolated for art the frame of stopped time. 3). Torn between representing the halos of the saints in the correct perspective, or according to the older medieval concept of He light, Giotto tried to blend features of both systems. depicted the Pentecostal feast as The Apostles it would be drawn if seen in perspective.

In Euclid's famous book optics, he begins by informing the reader that the lines of vision, or visual rays, are straight. To say, however, that nature does not contain any perfect obvious straight lines is not entirely correct. To most people's vision, there the uncluttered meeting of sea and sky water. and The horizon sailors who is — the horizon is one: upon the as seen the central orienting line in our experience. Pilots are lost in a fog and cannot see the horizon frequently report a strange disorientation regarding up, down, front, back, right, and left.

Light as the vehicle of information The later Greeks began to separate from the sense organ that received Aristotle called the eye "the gate of the intellect," after Alcmaeon it. c. discovered that the optic nerve connected the eye with the brain. At the beginning of his Metaphysics, Aristotle remarks value sight above all. ^" to begin ART & PHYSICS 35 the study, the Greeks nevertheless began to understand that light had properties. Since space through was empty, this nothingness. Plato light had to be something that traveled proposed that light emanated from within our minds.

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