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We need to set up three arrays: OP$(n) contains the output (text), Y( π) the pointer for `yes', and N(n) the pointer for 'no'. ),N(NP%) 11020 DATA "IS IGNITION LIGHT ON",7,2 11030 DATA "DO LIGHTS WORK CORRECTLY",3,4 11040 DATA "REPLACE SWITCH",0,0 11050 DATA "ARE BATTERY CONNECTIONS OK",5,6 11060 DATA "CHARGE BATTERY OR PUSH CAR",0,0 11070 75 Chapter 5 Expert Systems 4rti ^^ cial Intelligence on the Sinclair OL DATA "REPAIR CONNECTIONS",0,0 11080 DATA "rest o± program",0,0 11090 FOR M=1 TO NP% 11100 READ OP$(M) : READ Y(M) : READ N(M) 11110 END FOR M 11120 11130 END DEFine START The actual running routine is very simple.

13000 DEFins PROCedure BICYCLE IF INS="Y" THEN WT%=0 : UPDATE_RULE 13010 13020 WT%=-1 ^ UPDATE RULE 13030 END DEFine BICYCLE 14000 DEFine PROCedure CAR IF IN$="Y" THEN WT0 : UPDATE_RULE 14010 14020 W^%=1 ^ UPDATE_RULE 14030 END DEFine CAR The effect of the weighting variable takes place in the UPDATE_RULE PROCedure in which we modify the values in the rule array, RU(N), pulling them down when they are too high. and pulling them up when the y are too low. As DE% ís 0 then the system assumes that this is a BICYCLE and asks for confirmation, to which the answer is.

If a match is found then 'CORRECT' is printed. 14020 IF ^^$(TS%)=N$ THEN 14030 CSIZE 3,1 : PRINT \"CORRECT"\\ : CSIZE 2,0 14040 NEXT QUESTION 14050 END IF In the CORRECTION PROCedure we need to compare the name of the item currently being examined (N$) with the names of each of the objects (OB$(N)) which are known by our expert. The best way to do this is to insert a check inside the listing loop which sets CR% to N when there is a match. The original INKEY$ and following validation check must also be removed.

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