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By Maxine C. Aston

Asperger Syndrome (AS) has frequently been thought of to be incompatible with love and relationships, yet because the variety of diagnoses raises, it truly is turning into obvious that individuals with AS can and do have complete and intimate relationships. Maxine Aston frankly examines the basic points of relationships which are usually complex by means of the affliction. Illustrated with real-life examples, the booklet tackles concerns resembling appeal, belief, conversation, intimacy and parenting and features a part on commonly asked questions, making it a needs to for all people with AS and their companions, in addition to for buddies, relations and counselors.

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Often some improvement can be made if he is able to understand on a practical level rather than an emotional level why he should do things differently. For example, one man never bought his wife flowers, he said he considered them a waste of money, they just died and went in the rubbish. He viewed buying flowers in a purely practical way. He did not see that yes, they did die and end up in the rubbish, but that was not the point, the point was that they gave pleasure to the person they were being given to.

28 Aspergers in Love into town to buy her earrings and a card, and on returning to his car realized he had lost his car park ticket. He searched the car, searched himself, and retraced his steps back to the card shop… No ticket! Time was quickly running out and he was getting more and more anxious. He went back to the car park kiosk and despite his explanation was told he would have to pay for twenty-four hours. By now he was very stressed and becoming quite desperate, unable to see the justification in paying for something he did not owe, and unable to understand that the car park attendant did not automatically know he was telling the truth.

Why doesn’t he understand her and her needs? How can he say he loves her yet be so insensitive and cruel? Why can’t he discuss emotions? It is not surprising that many of these women come to see me saying the same things, feeling the same way and sometimes doubting their own sanity. Meanwhile her partner will be sitting beside her saying very little, if anything at all, and with no idea why she is always so upset with him. Later, when it is revealed that AS may be the cause of the problems and perhaps a diagnosis is sought and confirmed, then and only then is the NT partner able to begin to make sense of and understand what has been going so wrong in their relationship.

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