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"After being usually prompt to write down upon this topic, and as usually declining to do it, from apprehension of my very own lack of ability, i'm at size pressured to absorb the pen, even if unqualified i'll nonetheless consider myself for the duty. " William Withering, M. D. ' i've got but to discover an outline or a quote that higher summanzes my preliminary ambivalence in the direction of embarking on such an activity as partici­ pating in placing jointly this monograph.

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C. B. TILANUS, EDITOR This publication attempts to reinforce the binds among, at the one hand, the enterprise management and accounting international and, at the different, the operational study and administration technological know-how global. The readership for which it truly is meant is composed ofthe following different types: managers and pros in organizational departments of industrial management, administration technological know-how, automated information processing, and so on.

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This publication is the made from a NATO complicated learn Institute of an analogous identify, held on the Anargyrios and Korgialenios college at the island of Spetsai, Greece, in September 1994. The institute thought of the molecular mechanisms which generate the physique plan in the course of vertebrate embryogenesis. the most subject matters mentioned integrated: dedication and imprinting in the course of germ mobilephone differentiation; hierarchies of inductive phone interactions; the molecular functioning of Spemann's organizer and formation of embryonic axes; the extracellular matrix and the cytoskeleton on the subject of morphogenesis and mobile migration; neurogenesis and patterning of the neuraxis; the legislation of development formation by means of Hox genes and different transcription elements.

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05 MetaIPoo? 15 Ratios shown in square brackets are comparisons to solar ratios and given in logarithms to the base ten. b These abundances are straight means ofthe results for the clusters NGC 104 (47Tuc), NGC 6352, and NGC 6838 (M7l). 9. d These abundances are averages of the abundances of MI5 and M92. From (Wh89), with pennission from the Annual Reviews 0/Astronomy and Astrophysics ©I989, Annual Reviews, Ine. a such early epochs that the original wavelength J... /J... '" 20. Such early, luminous objects would then be apparent to us only through observations at infrared wavelengths around 5 to 10 /-Lm.

From this and from the spectra of gases released by the comet on approaching the Sun, we can make emde chemical analyses of the comets' contents. We find that, in addition to large amounts ofhydrogen, they contain those elements that are also abundant in the outer planets. Apreeise analysis of material constituting the nueleus of a comet may have to await a spacecraft probe that lands on a nueleus and examines the local matter before evaporation, dissociation, or ionization by sunlight. In the meantime, space probes which approached comet Halley in 1986 were at least able to analyze the gases in elose vicinity of the nueleus, and to analyze the dust grain size distribution there.

The path ofthe stars across the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram proceeds toward the 1eft. The left end ofthe curves roughly coincides with the main sequence. 5 x 10 8 yr. The steep portion on the right is called the Hayashi track. The curves denoting very 10w mass stars correspond to pre-mainsequence evo1utionary tracks ofT Tauri stars; small circles indicate their surface rotational ve10cities (Ha66), (B086) (after Iben (lb65)). break up to form planets or one major companion. The rest may be ejected back into interstellar space.

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