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By Vitali D. Milman

This e-book bargains with the geometrical constitution of finite dimensional normed areas, because the measurement grows to infinity. this can be a a part of what got here to be often called the neighborhood conception of Banach areas (this identify was once derived from the truth that in its first levels, this conception dealt more often than not with touching on the constitution of countless dimensional Banach areas to the constitution in their lattice of finite dimensional subspaces). Our function during this publication is to introduce the reader to a few of the implications, difficulties, and commonly equipment constructed within the neighborhood thought, within the previous few years. This not at all is a whole survey of this huge quarter. a few of the major subject matters we don't speak about listed here are pointed out within the Notes and comments part. a number of books seemed lately or are going to seem almost immediately, which disguise a lot of the fabric no longer lined during this publication. between those are Pisier's [Pis6] the place factorization theorems regarding Grothendieck's theorem are commonly mentioned, and Tomczak-Jaegermann's [T-Jl] the place operator beliefs and distances among finite dimensional normed areas are studied intimately. one other similar booklet is Pietch's [Pie].

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7. MARTINGALES This section contains applications of some martingale inequalities to the local theory of Banach spaces. We begin with some elementary definitions. 9 be a sub a-algebra of 1 and let IE L 1 (0,1, P). 1. Let (0,1, P) be a probability space, let Then JL(A) = JAldP,A E respect to P19. Consequently, by the Radon- Nikodym Theorem, there exists a unique hEL 1 (0,9,P) such that JAhdP = JAldP for all A E 9. We call this h the conditional expectation of I with respect to 9 and denote h = E(f19).

K) . , 1 (k)' U1, . •• , U m on 0 defined by i = 1, ... , m . These variables are symmetric and independent (check) and have the same distribution as Y1,' .. 2. 2, for each k = 1, ... , n, 1 - E ::; Elf biEi''''l (k)a",' (k) 1=1 I::; 1 + E and the same estimates hold when taking the average over k. 7. We are now ready for the main part of the proof. For later use we state the next proposition for a general norm replacing l~. 48 PROPOSITION: a1 2 ···2 20 an n, Then, for all c where ~P >0 < p < 2, m, n positive integers, II .

0, = 8p(q+l)' (2-p) . PROOF: Assume, without loss of generality, that and choose a permutation 1r of {1, ~ .. , n} so that IId"'(k) 1100 Thus, we have for k = 1,2, ... ,n, Given an integer N :S n we have: = Ildkll*, k = 1,2, ... , n . (k) 11 2 00 ] 2/P)] 4N(1-2/p) - P)N] = 2 exp [ -(2 4p If t 2: q + 1, set [(_t )q] N = q+1 so that 1 < N < (_t _)q < 2N . - - q+1 - Then If t ~ q + 1, then -(2 - P)t q ] 2 exp [ ( ) 8p q + 1 q >2 - exp [-(2 8p p)] 2: 2 e- l / 8 > 1 , and we get the desired inequality trivially in this case.

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