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By Stephen V. Tracy

Furthering his masterful new method of classifying and reading epigraphical info offered in Attic Letter-Cutters of 229 to 86 B.C., Stephen V. Tracy has produced a masterful examine of the inscriptions from the time of King Philip of Macedon, Alexander the good, Demosthenes, and Demetrios. exact research of the fingers during this biggest team of fundamental files has enabled him to provide a few new insights, resembling reassessing the profession of Demetrios of Phaleron and taking factor with the widely accredited view that Athenian democracy led to 322 B.C. with the defeat via the Macedonians at Krannon. Tracy items jointly stone files and indicates that the "handwriting" of person stonecutters may be pointed out incidentally specific letters are minimize into the stone. He bargains new readings, redatings, joins and institutions, as good as preliminary book of a few fragments from the excavations in the Athenian agora.

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W. Handley, The Dyskolos of Menander (Cambridge, Mass. 1965) 7; A. W. Gomme and F. H. Sandbach, Menander: A Commentary (Oxford 1973) 128-129. [75] Diog. Laert. 79. [76] He has been heavily criticized (nn. 67 and 68 above). 41, who numbers them at 1,500; Diog. Laert. 20, more than 300; Plutarch Mor . 820e, 300. Surely these numbers as well as the story deserve no credence. Demetrios was no maddened megalomaniac who had to see his statue in every shop and on every street comer. Probably there were statues of Demetrios in Athens during his rule, but not a single base of one has yet been identified with certainty.

The Athenian soldiers stationed in Eleusis, Panakton, and Phyle dedicated it to Demeter and Kore. The twelve inscribed crowns preserved on it commemorate Demetrios' military offices and equestrian victories. Since its discovery in the eighteenth century, it has naturally been taken to refer to the famous De[39] IG II 1201 lines 5-10. Another decree from just after Kassandros' assumption of control (Agora I 559 , published in Hesperia 4 [1935] 35-37) praises a military detachment of the tribe Kekropis for killing some public enemy or enemies.

This inscription dates to early 322 and, although it does not directly mention food in its preserved parts, it honors a Bosporan for services rendered. These services are likely to have included shipment of grain. [12] Famine and Food Supply 154-158. [15] The speech Against Dionysodoros , no. 56 in the Demosthenic corpus, attests in its opening sections (especially 8-10) to the fluctuations in price and to the difficulty of getting grain from Egypt at this time. [16] IG II2 400—a decree proposed by Demades shortly before his death (see below 147); it honors a certain Eucharistos for supplying grain and promising more.

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