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By R. Erbel (auth.), Raimund Erbel MD, FESC, FACC, H. Joachim Nesser MD, Jaroslaw Drozdz MD (eds.)

This is the 1st ebook to offer an outline of the fascinating new cardiac imaging means of tissue Doppler echocardiography (TDE). so one can comprehend the history of this method, it will be significant to check the actual houses of blood, which displays ultrasound poorly yet strikes with excessive speed (up to a hundred and fifty cm/s) with these of the myocar­ dium, which displays ultrasound strongly yet strikes with low pace (less than 10 cm/s). In tissue Doppler imaging, present Doppler know-how has been transformed to circumvent the high-pass clear out and improve calculation of low velocities, therefore allowing selective visualization of the myocardium instead of of the blood. as the colour Doppler tissue pictures are large­ imposed at the traditional two-dimensional ultrasound pictures, this method is named TDE. Following a short advent, the heritage of ultrasound and Doppler imaging is gifted. it really is now approximately one hundred fifty years because the dying of Christian Doppler, who defined the "Doppler" influence, and greater than a hundred years on account that Pierre Curie stumbled on the piezoelectric results of crystals. TDE used to be built by way of Nobuo Yamazaki and Yoshitaka Mine on the Medi­ cal Engineering Laboratory, Toshiba company, Tochigi, Japan. En­ gineers considering the improvement of the strategy have supplied very important technical details, which the reader will locate a useful heritage to capability functions ofTDE.

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The interventricular septum and the posterior left ventricular wall move toward the transducer (redcoded) (Fig. 3). After the T-wave on the EeG, subsequent reversal of the color pattern occurs. During the early-diastolic phase (60-100 ms), the velocity of the interventricular septum is lower than the velocity of the whole heart. At this time the net velocity of the interventricular septum and the posterior left ventricular wall is negative and both walls move backward (Figs. 2). This is presented in TDE images as an early-diastolic phase with both interventricular septum and posterior left ventricular wall coded by blue (Fig.

11. Normal heart. 75 MHz transducer. 5 cm/s. Four frames illustrating left ventricular wall velocities during early diastole Normal Pattern of Myocardial Velocity 37 (upper left), late diastole before the P-wave on the EeG (upper right), late diastole after atrial contraction (below left), and during systole (below right). There is synchrony of the ventricular walls throughout the cardiac cycle. Note the still opposite velocity direction of the apex in comparison to the velocity direction of the basal and mid -left ventricular segments.

19. Normal Pattern of Myocardial Velocity 29 echocardiography in detection of impaired global and regional left ventricular function: prospective study. Int J Cardiol 7: 375-89 Gallagher KP, Osakada G, Matsuzaki M, Miller M, Kemper WS, Ross J (1985) Nonuniformity of inner and outer systolic wall thickening in conscious dogs. Am J PhysioI249:H241-248 Gorcsan J, Katz WE, Mandarino W A, Pinsky MR (1994) Heterogenous left ventricular septal and posterior wall velocities: quantitative temporal assessment by myocardial color Doppler imaging (abstract).

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