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By Heather Lauer

“[A] paean to pork.”

Boston Herald


A love letter to the “best meat ever,” Bacon, by unabashed bacon fanatic Heather Lauer, is a wondrous number of bacon bits—filled with enjoyable evidence, recipes, heritage, and smoked porcine worship. The Memphis advertisement Appeal says, “If you may make it to the top of this publication with out yearning only a flavor of the savory stuff, then you’re most likely the world’s most powerful vegetarian.” Adoring, exciting, and informative—sizzling with Lauer’s infectious ardour for her mouthwatering subject—Bacon is the subsequent neatest thing to bacon wrapped in bacon.

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WITHOUT THAT MAGNIFICENT BEAST, NONE OF US WOULD KNOW THE IMMENSE AND INFINITE PLEASURE THAT IS BACON. WE ARE NOT WORTHY. Contents Introduction Part I: Bacon 101 Chapter 1 On the Eighth Day, God Created Bacon Chapter 2 The Art of Makin’ Bacon Chapter 3 Profile of a Bacon Nation Chapter 4 Bacon or Fakin’? Part II: The Bacon Diet Chapter 5 The Culinary and Cultural Renaissance of Bacon Chapter 6 Breakfast: What Bacon Knows Best Chapter 7 Wrapped in Bacon Chapter 8 Enhanced by Bacon Chapter 9 The Main Course—Starring Bacon, the Best Meat Ever Chapter 10 Bacon Is Meat Candy Resources Searchable Terms Acknowledgments About the Author Credits Copyright About the Publisher Introduction I bet you’ve eaten bacon in the last forty-eight hours.

English speakers aren’t the only ones creating confusion when it comes to cured pork products. Access to a variety of bacon products isn’t just limited to westerners. Asian cultures are equally enamored with all things swine. The Chinese have been enjoying cured pork for thousands of years, and they indulge in a bacon-like product called lop yuk. Lop yuk is made by curing pork belly with soy sauce, brown sugar, and spices. Sometimes it is also smoked. Their next door neighbors in Korea take pleasure in a bacon treat called samgyeopsal.

If the pH levels are off, the pork producer will wind up with either dark, dry meat or pale, watery meat. Neither one is good eating. After a couple of hours in stress-free lairage, the pigs are moved to a stunning pen where they are rendered unconscious by an electric current sent directly to the brain. The good news is that stunning is reported to be pain-free and, even better, the pigs never see it coming. The pigs are then hung and slaughtered by penetrating the neck artery. The blood is drained and typically preserved for later use in food production.

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