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Not in the region so much of Warsaw, of Cracow, or in and around Lwow, where there were good buildings of the period, in particular the Greek-CathoHc or Ruthenian Cathedral of St George by Bernardo Merettini, become Bernard Meretyn, even if it is only a little more interesting than the Warsaw churches. In that direction, but down towards Rumania, towards the Bucovina and Bessarabia, the Rococo town hall of Buczacz, built by one of the Potocki family, with its high and floreated frontispiece and tower of elaborate shaping, appears graceful and unusual of outline even in the photograph.

Inside the church, on its entrance wall with layers of dust lying thick upon it, is the huge fresco painting by Solimena of The Expulsion of Heiiodorus from the Temple; and Dr Lempriere of Pembroke College, Oxford, writing as long ago as November 1788 only remarks of Heiiodorus in his Classical Dictionary that he was 'one of the favourites of Seleucus Philopater, King of Syria, who attempted to plunder the temple of the Jews about 176 years before Christ, characteristic enlivenments of the street scenes of Naples is * The procession of these dancing towers through the streets of Nola - there are nine of them belonging to the different guilds of the town - and the possible descent of this pagan festival from the rites of Adonis, which were nearly identical with those of the Egyptian Osiris, are described in my Priwitit'e Scenes and Festivals, 1942, pp.

The whole effect is of unrivalled scenic splendour and imagination, as much perhaps as any town in Europe. What manner of persons can they have been who Hved here? It is inconceivable that there were not brilHant conversationalists in Noto. It is not possible that it was as dull then as it is today. We fmd ourselves looking, half-unconsciously, for posters men and the mermen, if that is of the opera season, for a splendid looking cafe, or a restaurant. And there are none. They cannot have finished building the town just in order to have no more to do and shut themselves away.

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