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By Victor A. Galaktionov

Blow-up for Higher-Order Parabolic, Hyperbolic, Dispersion and Schrödinger Equations indicates how 4 kinds of higher-order nonlinear evolution partial differential equations (PDEs) have many commonalities via their specified quasilinear degenerate representations. The authors current a unified method of take care of those quasilinear PDEs.

The ebook first reviews the actual self-similar singularity suggestions (patterns) of the equations. This process permits 4 varied sessions of nonlinear PDEs to be handled concurrently to set up their awesome universal good points. The ebook describes many houses of the equations and examines conventional questions of existence/nonexistence, uniqueness/nonuniqueness, international asymptotics, regularizations, shock-wave thought, and numerous blow-up singularities.

Preparing readers for extra complex mathematical PDE research, the ebook demonstrates that quasilinear degenerate higher-order PDEs, even unique and awkward ones, usually are not as daunting as they first seem. It additionally illustrates the deep positive aspects shared via different types of nonlinear PDEs and encourages readers to improve extra this unifying PDE strategy from different viewpoints.

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Though we will deal with some features concerning such NLSEs in what follows, we will not pay too much attention to complex equations like (24) and will prefer to treat those three types of real PDEs (we return to them in Chapter 9 only). Thus, we have introduced the necessary classes, (I), (II), (III), (IV), of nonlinear higher-order PDEs in IRN × IR+ , which, being representatives of four very different equation types, will, nevertheless, be shown to exhibit quite similar evolution features (if necessary, up to replacing blow-up by traveling or periodic wave motion), and the coinciding complicated infinite (at least, countable) sets of evolution compact patterns.

17) Later on, we present other models, when we deal with higher-order NDEs; see also [174, Ch. 4] for other references and models. Difficult questions of local existence, uniqueness, regularity, a shock and rarefaction wave formation, a finite propagation and interfaces, including degenerate higher-order models, are treated in Chapter 8. Here, we concentrate on the study of some particular continuous solutions of the NDEs that give insight into several generic properties of such nonlinear PDEs. 8 Blow-up Singularities and Global Solutions The crucial advantage of the RH equation (15) is that it possesses explicit moving compactly supported soliton-type solutions, called compactons [354], which are traveling waves (TWs).

49) Then, formally, by the gradient structure of (31), one should take into account solutions that decay to 0 as t → +∞. 1 is naturally expected to be true for any nontrivial solution. , for sufficiently large domains Ω, solutions become arbitrarily large in any suitable metric, including H0m (Ω) or the uniform one C0 (Ω). ) must next blow up in finite time. In fact, often, this is not that straightforward, and omitting this blow-up analysis here, we would like to attract the attention of the interested reader to this problem.

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