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By Norman Sullivan

A part of the "Test Your Intelligence" sequence, this provides one hundred sixty five common sense puzzles, from effortless to tough. solutions and an IQ grading approach are incorporated.

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Linda Barrett was an authority. While the other girls were just abandoning their tricycles, Linda was underlining and memorizing all the sex scenes from Shogun. Some had Seventeen magazine in their lockers; she had The Hite Report. Linda and Stacy had been sitting at a bus stop the winter before, when Stacy turned to Linda. ” Linda, then sixteen, turned all pro. ” “Yeah. They give them to you free. ” The next day they ditched third period and took a bus to the downtown free clinic. They were too late for the noon session, so they walked around downtown for an hour.

He worked at the Carl’s Jr. at the very top of Ridgemont Drive. Like most of his friends, Brad worked six days a week. School was not a major concern. Actually it was fourth on his list, after Carl’s and Girls and Being Happy. School was no problem, especially this year. Brad could have graduated as a junior last year—he had enough units—but why do that? It had been a major task to reach a social peak in junior high and then work up again through high school. After two years at Ridgemont, Brad was on top.

Toilet paper, that most versatile of high school vandalism weapons. Toilet paper wafted from the trees out front and tangled in the branches where it was virtually impossible to remove without a janitor on a ladder having to unhook each piece. Toilet paper had been applied to the 200 Building windows with an egg-and-wax mixture that adhered to it with true permanence. There was even toilet paper strewn through the yards of those unfortunate homeowners across the street from Ridgemont High, on Luna Avenue.

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