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By Lennart N. Bouman, Habo J. Jongsma (auth.), Lennart N. Bouman, Habo J. Jongsma (eds.)

In the denervated kingdom the mammalian center, either in vivo and in vitro, is worked up at very usual periods, the coefficient of variance of the interbeat periods now not exceeding 2%. The pacemaker that's the resource of this ordinary ex­ quotation is localised usually in the sinus node (" sino-atrial node " node of Keith and Flack), a such a lot interesting small piece of tissue within the caval nook of the precise atrium. A small component of this node containing a gaggle of potentially just a couple of hundreds of thousands of cells fires spontaneously, that implies with none exter­ nal impression to set off their task. The so referred to as pacemaker cells do that through letting their membrane power fall to the extent the place an motion capability will begin which as a consequence prompts surrounding cells to fireplace an motion po­ tential. the 1st query that's tackled during this e-book is which procedures underly this spontaneous diastolic depolarization. this is often mentioned in part I, in regards to the primary houses of pacemaker cells with distinctive refer­ ence to ionic membrane currents. even if perspectives nonetheless fairly fluctuate in regards to the designated nature of the membrane methods that reason the automated pacemaker dis­ cost there's contract that diastolic depolarization is caused by means of the interplay of a couple of ionic present structures, together with either inward and out­ ward going currents.

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31 c, (fig. M. Masson-Pevet et al. 32 therefore via a circuitous way instead of via the adjacent septal margin sinus node. The area of conduction block shown in Fig. by the presence of action potentials with double components (Fig. structure of the of the 1 and 6, is recognized 12). The fine zone of decremental conduction was studied extensively in two hearts. One example is given in Fig. center, a pacemaker type atrial type action potential. 12. At site a 400 11m from the leading action potential is recorded whereas site f gives an In between, double component action potentials are recorded.

To determine the relative contribution of each of these three SA node pacemaking currents to we have used the very direct method of looking for each of them in voltage clamp records to see how much is present in the pacing range particular SA node cell. of Perhaps the most important thing that our observations show is that the amount of these three membrane currents present in the pacemaker range varies from preparation to preparation. Fig. elsewhere 1 shows records from three SA node preparations prepared as described (Noma and Irisawa, 1976; clamped using two microelectrodes.

Physiol. Irisawa, H. potentials in cardiac Purkinje fibres. J. Nature of the negative inotropic effect the myocardium: Physiol. , 58: an elucidation on the bullfrog atrium. acetylProc. physiology of the cardiac pacemaker mechanism. 461-498, 1978. Yanagihara, sino-atrial nodal cells. P. of 501-505, 1975. Com par ati ve and The mechanism of oscillatory activi- 255-265, 1969. , Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, pp. 50 H. Irisawa and A. Noma 265-284, 1980. : [Ca 2 Cardiac Purkinje fibers. conductance.

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