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By Michael Valentine

In this publication, you learn the way to:

  • Develop ideal fluency in subnetting
  • Understand the OSI version and the Cisco three-layer hierarchical model
  • Connect Cisco gear, make preliminary configurations, and fasten to different units to construct a network
  • Configure Cisco routers and again up and repair your Cisco IOS software program configurations
  • Implement, be sure, and troubleshoot a small, switched network
  • Configure and ensure a simple WAN serial connection
  • Understand and follow instant LAN (WLAN) concepts
  • Mitigate community safety threats and safe community devices
  • Configure static routes and RIPv2
  • Connect a small workplace to the Internet


WRITTEN by way of CCNA/CCENT Experts!


Michael Valentine has been within the IT box for 12 years, targeting community layout and implementation. he's at present a Cisco coach with Skyline complicated know-how providers and focuses on Cisco Unified Communications guide in addition to CCNA and CCNP courses.


Andrew Whitaker is the director of company InfoSec and networking and senior education teacher for education Camp. He has completed numerous Cisco certifications and has written on a number of Cisco topics.


This booklet incorporates a CD-ROM that features:

  • Complete assurance of CCENT examination objectives
  • Realistic examination questions for potent practice
  • Detailed causes of right and wrong answers
  • Multiple examination modes
  • Flash Card format
  • An digital reproduction of the book

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Extra info for CCENT Exam Cram. Exam 640-822

Sample text

A. Ethernet ❍ B. CDP ❍ C. FTP ❍ D. TFTP ❍ E. Telnet ❍ F. ARP ❍ G. ICMP ❍ H. ATM 49 Exam Prep Questions 5. Match the protocol with its port number: FTP 80 Telnet 69 TFTP 20, 21 DNS 123 SNMP 25 SMTP 110 NTP 161 POP3 53 HTTP 23 6. Which protocols use TCP? Choose all that apply. ❍ A. DNS ❍ B. SNMP ❍ C. SMTP ❍ D. FTP ❍ E. TFTP ❍ F. POP3 7. Which port numbers are used by well-known protocols that use connectionless transport? ❍ A. 25 ❍ B. 53 ❍ C. 20 ❍ D. 69 ❍ E. 161 ❍ F. 110 50 Chapter 2: Network Models 8.

The packet header is checked to see which Layer 4 protocol to send it to. The packet is decapsulated, and the segment is sent up to Layer 4. At Layer 4, the destination port in the segment header is checked and the segment is decapsulated. The data is sent to the correct upper layer application. Depending on the application, it might go directly to Layer 7 or through 5 and 6. This process of encapsulation, transmission, and decapsulation makes data flow in an organized and manageable fashion down the OSI stack on the sender, across the transmission media, and up the OSI stack on the receiving host.

ICMP ❍ B. ARP ❍ C. RIP ❍ D. Telnet 2. Which answer correctly lists the OSI PDUs in order? ❍ A. Data, Packet, Frame, Segment, Bit ❍ B. Bit, Data, Packet, Segment, Frame ❍ C. Data, Segment, Packet, Frame, Bit ❍ D. Bit, Frame, Segment, Packet, Data 3. Which transport layer protocol provides connection-oriented, reliable transport? ❍ A. TFTP ❍ B. UDP ❍ C. Ethernet ❍ D. TCP ❍ E. Secure Shell 4. Which of the following are application layer protocols? Choose all that apply. ❍ A. Ethernet ❍ B. CDP ❍ C.

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