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One infrequently continuously gets due credits for understanding a common concept. it's extra engaging to achieve success in researching new phenomena of exact proof whether they're specific ones. the good technical possibilities which now exist and the hot tools of research which lately appeared to be really good have made that much more attractive. for this reason, the institution of basic regu­ larities seems an summary career whose importance isn't constantly transparent. however, a common concept might be elaborated. genuine fabric may be systematized and generalized because it accumu­ lates. As an expanding quantity of information is received, it turns into more and more pressing to examine the overall regularities which ascertain the common mechanisms of person phenomena. Re­ searchers method those facets of medical task in numerous methods. a few of them have an interest in reading the specifics of a phenomenon, whereas others attempt to discover a normal regularity in a person truth and search for its affirmation in new fabric. either one of those vital types of learn were mirrored during this book.

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These relationships are usually observed at the early stages of the formation of a complex under the determinant focus's influence. It will be seen further that the given re1ation~ are very clearly exhibited also in the pathologic state of the brain's complex systems. For instance, the stereotyped behavior syndrome, which consists of hyperbolic fragments of species-ecologically determined behavior, is observed in animals when the dopamine system is hyperactivated in the neostriatum, one function of which is to modulate the activity of the motor sphere (see Chapter 10).

1;,_ G'11l1lll1lJ .. ' ... " D ~~ 11"1118 Fig. 10. Formation of the 'acetylcholine' complex of drug-induced foci in various parts of the cerebral cortex under the influence of the determinant 'acetylcholine' focus. 1% strychnine); drugs were no longer applied when activity appeared; no drugs were applied to zones 1 and 4. 5% prozerine and 10% acetylcholine to zone 1; initial stage of the formation of the determinant 'acetylcholine' focus in zone 1. C: 3 min after applying acetylcholine and prozerine; formation of a combined 'acetylcholine' complex.

They supplement one another, and together they allow the nervous system to carryon purposeful integrative activity under normal conditions. Dominant-determinant relations are observed also in the origination of functional complexes under the influence of the determinant focus. 36 CHAPTER 1 Dominant relations may exist not only between individual foci, but also between complexes of foci. When a model is taken as an example, this means that dominant relations exist between systems: other systems, particularly those which interfere with an activated system, are inhibited when one system is activated.

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