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By Dustin D. Marks

Solid publication taking a look at bending and breaking the principles of 21 via changing ones playing cards and/or funds. suggestions from the elemental to the outrageous. worthy a learn by means of any critical participant if merely to work out how others take funds off the home.

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After the method and the casino are chosen, a betting range must be determined. This is not a case where you bet the limit and hope for the best. The betting range is determined by how much money you have (bankroll), how much of an edge there is, and how that particular casino sweats big action - some become paranoid faster than others. The bankroll is the money the cheaters begin with to support their play, and they must protect the bankroll because if it's blown the play is over. This is especially true early in the play, because it often takes a while for things to smooth out.

If it is an Ace or ten do nothing, you have a big edge. If it is any other value card stop the dealer and ask where your change is. Here is where the con comes in. Tell the dealer you asked for change and you had no intention of betting black chips. Be firm and do not back down. He may call the floorman over and explain what happened. Stick with your story, acting as though you are inexperienced playing Blackjack. If you look the part and are persistent, he will buy your story. Once... The dealer will make change and you should bet the table minimum and then find a reason to leave.

Manipulation of the casino staff is a very strong technique when properly applied, but never forget those shiny black domes overhead. They are interesting, but are not decoration. Also, the dealer at the cheaters' table is also a member of the team... the casino's security team. Handling these two security resources requires further effort. Pit control is not the same as a "turn," which is momentarily distracting anyone closely watching the game, from the casino manager to the little old lady who happens to be there spectating.

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