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4฀ This฀ hiving฀ off฀ of฀ religious฀ subject฀ matter฀ to฀ an฀ increasingly฀ specific฀ place฀ in฀ the฀ genre฀ was,฀ one฀ might฀ argue,฀ both฀ similar฀ to฀and฀part฀of฀a฀broader฀secularising฀process฀which฀was฀already฀ operating฀ to฀ relocate฀ worship,฀ theology,฀ even฀ belief฀ itself,฀ to฀ a฀ more฀ discrete฀ and฀ implicitly฀ marginal฀ place฀ in฀ Victorian฀ culture. ’8฀ Hedged฀ about฀ by฀ such฀ constraints,฀ it฀ is฀ unsurprising฀ therefore฀that฀Victorian฀paintings฀of฀religious฀themes,฀although฀ possessing,฀as฀we฀have฀seen,฀an฀explicit฀if฀diminishing฀role฀and฀ status,฀also฀had฀no฀really฀significant฀market.

31฀ Even฀ today฀ Soviet฀ newspapers฀ and฀ television฀ news฀sometimes฀carry฀pictures฀of฀young฀conscripts฀en฀route฀for฀ Chechnya฀filing฀past,฀and฀kissing,฀a฀replica฀of฀the฀‘Vladimir’฀icon฀ proffered฀by฀an฀Orthodox฀priest. 32฀ four฀ dimensions Such฀ an฀ argument฀ may฀ provide฀ a฀ powerful฀ and฀ pessimistic฀ counterpoint฀ both฀ to฀ facile฀ aesthetic฀ progressivism฀ (not฀ unknown,฀for฀example,฀in฀some฀contemporary฀clerical฀circles)฀and฀ to฀ the฀ fashionable฀ Jungian฀ heresy฀ (held฀ by฀ some฀ theologians฀ and฀ artists฀ alike)฀ that฀ ‘the฀ archetypes฀ by฀ which฀ spiritual฀ realities฀ express฀ themselves฀ are฀ both฀ available฀ to฀ modern฀ man฀ and฀ constantly฀clothed฀in฀the฀forms฀of฀modern฀art’.

In฀practice฀the฀transformation฀ of฀the฀genre฀took฀three฀distinct,฀if฀often฀interlocking,฀forms. ฀Such฀religious฀art฀as฀this฀not฀only฀fused฀with฀ but฀reaffirmed฀secular฀bourgeois฀morality. ’17฀ This฀ conscious฀ dismantling฀ of฀ the฀ formal฀ barriers฀ between฀ the฀ sacred฀ and฀ the฀ secular฀ as฀ legitimate฀subject฀matter฀for฀a฀‘religious’฀painting฀–฀even฀if฀it฀was฀to฀ degenerate฀ultimately฀into฀artworks฀which฀did฀little฀more฀than฀ either฀portray฀a฀covertly฀religious฀theme฀in฀an฀overtly฀religious฀ setting฀ (‘Contemplation’฀ was฀ a฀ typical฀ title)฀ or฀ depict฀ religious฀ activity฀per฀se฀(‘Her฀First฀Sermon’฀or฀‘Late฀for฀Church’)฀while฀ making฀no฀credal฀statement฀whatever฀–฀was฀a฀clear฀indicator฀of฀ the฀relatively฀uncertain฀passage฀of฀the฀process฀of฀secularisation฀ already฀manifesting฀itself฀in฀this฀particular฀culture.

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