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These types of stereoisomers are called meso structures or compounds. Defined somewhat differently, meso compounds are those where molecules are superimposable on their mirror images even though they contain chiral centers. A meso compound is inactive because the rotation caused by one chiral center is exactly offset by the equal and opposite rotation produced by the other chiral center. It is often possible to recognize a meso structure Page 23 by the fact that one half of the molecule is the mirror image of the other half.

7. 8. By convention, the horizontal bonds attached to chiral atom are assumed to be coming out of the page, whereas the vertical bonds to the chiral atom are considered to be directed backward and behind the plain of the paper. 8 Structures of 2 -Methyl -Butanol and sec-Butyl Chloride Depicted in the Convention that Identifies the Chiral Center and the Direction of the Bonds to the Chiral Carbon Other elements can produce chiral centers besides carbon, although their importance in industry and in health studies is not as great.

When the solute molecule is held by molecular forces in the stationary phase its entropy has been reduced as, in the mobile phase, where the molecular interactions were weaker, it has a greater freedom of movement and could behave in a more random manner. It follows that as the entropy of the solute is reduced, the standard entropy change ( ∆S) must be negative. As the molecule is held on the stationary phase by intermolecular forces, energy has been used during the interaction and thus the standard enthalpy must also be negative.

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