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Chapter 1 Chairmen's establishing feedback (pages 1–2): R. I. Doreman
Chapter 2 the connection among the constitution of the Testis and Differentiation of the exterior Genitalia and Phenotype in guy (pages 3–30): J.E. Jirasek
Chapter three Histochemistry and advantageous constitution of the Interstitial Tissue within the Human Foetal Testis (pages 31–55): Mikkon Niemi, M. Ikonen and A. Hervonen
Chapter four Microscopy, Cytochemistry and Steroid Biosynthetic task of Leydig Cells in tradition (pages 56–90): E. Steinbergear, A. Steinberger, O. Vilar, I.I. Salamon and B.N. Sud
Chapter five Steroid Hormone Biosynthesis in Rat, Rabbit, and Capuchine Testis (pages 91–104): R.I. Dorfman, K.M.J. Menon, D.C. Sharma, S. Joshi and E. Forchielli
Chapter 6 influence of Age on Testicular Enzymes relating to Steroid Bioconversion (pages 105–119): Hiroshi Inano, Yuji Hori and Bun?Ichi Tamaoki
Chapter 7 elements Influencing the Secretion of Testosterone within the Anaesthetized puppy (pages 120–139): Kristen B. Eik?Nes
Chapter eight Testicular functionality in guy (pages 140–155): Bryan Hudson, John P. Coghlan and Ausma Dulmanis
Chapter nine The function of the Testis in Oestrogen construction (pages 156–172): L.M. Fishman, G.A. Sarfaty, H. Wilson and M.B. Lipsett
Chapter 10 results of Hormones on Spermatogenesis within the Rat (pages 173–196): Yves Clermont and S. Carl Harvey
Chapter eleven The influence of Hormones at the fee of Degeneration of an Ischaemic Testis (pages 197–210): R.G. Harrison
Chapter 12 Direct and oblique results of Oestrogens at the Enzymes of the Testis (pages 211–232): Leo T. Samuels, Toru Uchikawa and Robbert A. Huseby
Chapter thirteen Appraisal of Endocrine Testicular task by means of Chemical research of Semen and Male accent Secretions (pages 233–248): T. Mann
Chapter 14 A Comparative in vitro research of the consequences of the Testicular Hormone of Chick and Mouse Embryos at the Gonaducts (pages 249–254): J.?P. Weniger
Chapter 15 combined Testicular Dysgenesis (pages 255–279): Felipe A. de los angeles Balze, Silvia Laura Neborak and Ricardo Moreno Azorero
Chapter sixteen Steroid Biosynthesis in irregular Testes (pages 280–311): J.K. supply, okay. Griffiths and C.G. Pierrepoint

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752-979, ed. , and Mall, F. P. Philadelphia. GILLMAN, J. (1948). Contr. , 32,81-131. GOMORI, G. (1937). ]. , 13, 993-1001, GRUENWALD, P. (1942). ]. h a t . , 70, 359-97. , SCARPELLI, D. , and PEARSE, A. G. E. (1958). , 174, 1104. EE. K ,(1962). , 13, 226-32. JIR~SEK, J. E. (1966). ]. Obrtet. , 94, 286-7. J I R ~ E J. , , and RABOCH, J. (1963). Fert. , 14, 237-45. JONES,H. , and SCOTT,W. W. ) (1958). Hermaphroditism, Genital Anomalies and Related Endocrine Disorders. Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins.

Degenerative changes in the testicle (case IS). Hyalinization of the basal membranes, as well as degeneration of thc seminiferous epithelium and hyperplasia of the Leydig cells, resembling “true” Klinefelter’s syndrome. H and E. x 66. 34. Two seminiferous tubules (case IS), one of them lined only with Sertoli cells. Sperniatogonia and endothelium of some vessels show marked alkaline phosphatase activity (dark parts of‘iigure). x 66. J. E. J I R ~ ~ S E K 35 FIGS. 35-37. FINDINGS IN THE INCOMPLETE MALE HERMAPHRODITES WITHOUT DEVELOPED MULLERIAN STRUCTURES.

Biol. , 218, 675; Balogh, 1966, loc. ). These observations indicate the existence of an alternative pathway for androgen metabolism. Dorfnzan: In dealing with enzymes having functional significance in steroid biosynthesis certain difficulties arise due to specificity. W e might classify these enzymes into two groups : (A) Those enzymes which are present in both steroid-hormoneforming tissues and in certain tissues which are not generally considered to be steroid hormone formers. (B) Those biosynthetic enzymes found exclusively in steroidhormone-forming tissues, 54 DISCUSSION The 17-20 desmolase which converts a substance such as 17a-hydroxyprogesterone to a C, steroid, and the 3 p-01-dehydrogenase system which converts dehydroepiandrosterone to androst-4-ene-3,17-dione are examples of the first group.

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