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By J.W. Roberts

In this commonly up-to-date moment variation, together with an up-dated index and bibliography, J. W. Roberts explores the most gains of Athenian existence within the latter half the 5th century BC.

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All the same, it is evident that, deprived of slaves, the community would have lost much of the revenue that it had previously derived from the leasing of concessions in Laureion and that all its richest members, not to mention their wives, would have faced an enormous drop in their standard of living. Radical democracy could not have survived: either the rich, who had previously been free to devote most of their time to the affairs of the community, would have had to concentrate on the affairs of their oikoi, or the poor, who had previously been full citizens, would have had to sink to a condition closer to slavery.

The bulk of agricultural slaves must have been concentrated in a fairly small number of large estates, which were often composed of scattered farms—few of them bigger than 70 acres in all—run for their owners by slave bailiffs. In addition to slaves engaged in clerical work for the community, there was a small class of educated slaves similarly engaged in banks and business houses. Many slave artisans worked in workshops. The largest such establishment known to us is the shield-factory left by their father to the metic brothers Lysias and Polemarkhos.

Mistakes might occur: a man might be exempt, or he might be less prosperous than had been supposed at the time of his appointment. In the latter case, rectification could follow either through adjudication by a jury-court presided over by the magistrate concerned, or through the mechanism of exchange (antidosis), whereby if A were appointed to a liturgy but considered that B was better able to discharge it than himself, he could challenge B either to take on the liturgy or to exchange property.

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