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By A. D. Livingston

With this booklet, A. D. Livingston combines a life of Southern culinary wisdom together with his personal love of actual domestic smoking and curing suggestions. He teaches find out how to organize smoked and salted hams, fish, jerky, and game—adapting today’s fabrics to yesterday’s conventional tools. As he writes, “you can smoke a greater fish than you should buy, and you may therapy a greater ham with no using any chemical compounds other than traditional salt and stable hardwood smoke.” This ebook indicates you ways, and contains greater than fifty recipes—such as kingdom Ham with Redeye Gravy, Canadian Bacon, Scandinavian Salt Fish, and Venison Jerky—as good as entire directions for:

* getting ready salted, dried fish * getting ready planked fish, or gravlax * construction a latest walk-in smokehouse * developing small-scale barbeque people who smoke * opting for woods and fuels for smoking * Salt-curing nation ham and different meats

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After processing, most of the meat, McClane says, is sold in Mexican markets as salt cod. The fins are dried and sold for Chinese sharkfin soup. The back meat is cut into fillets and soaked for 20 hours in a weak brine of 4 pounds of salt to 10 gallons of water. indd 35 7/16/10 9:22 AM cold-smoking & salt-curing meat, fish, & game out the uremic acid, which is present in most sharks and which gives the meat a strong smell of ammonia. After brining, the shark fillets are dried in the sun. McClane says that careful drying is critical in preservation, and that the fillets must be evenly exposed to the sun on both sides and protected from damp night air.

Whole fish should be boned, which is easily accomplished by spreading the body cavity, pulling off one side, and lifting out the backbone. indd 31 7/16/10 9:22 AM cold-smoking & salt-curing meat, fish, & game Salt Salmon Birdseye According to George Leonard Herter, the late Clarence Birdseye, the father of frozen supermarket foods, came up with the following recipe for salmon and other fatty fish, such as bullheads. Further (Herter says), the same dish was once called salmon fuma in New York City.

After this dry cure is completed, the hams are washed in warm water, dried, sprinkled with pepper, and cold-smoked (at 70 to 90 degrees) for 10 to 15 days, after which they are aged and mellowed by hanging in a dry room. These hams improve with age and are in perfect condition when 1 year old. Note that the hams are cold-smoked for 10 to 15 days according to Ashbrook, and are then aged. The Georgia booklet says to smoke the hams after the aging process. From a safety viewpoint, it probably doesn’t matter as long as both the salting and the salt equalization steps have been successful.

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