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I"ry thrills deep and delicate fibres 1. Which description do you like most? 2. - Can you rnake your own, perhaps better description of the beauty of the seasons? ON EN6UT5H CLIMATE ljr rt is The clirnate of England is milder than that of other countries. lly sein to the naked and there big here i1. ra. r, a'd shorn itact s-ot hay are seen- The days are long in s,tlmmer'- , But on moves the earth in its race round the sun. losing their,glittering f"J-"1 autumn ii approaching. The bealtiful nature hasthanked lh"ilbolol: and orchards.

Why? 2. What is good rest for You? rzrrely, "full board" (meaning that all meals are prorlided). resort these, a with an cally, da ide HOLIDAY5 AND 5PECIAU OCCA5ION5 Britain is a country governed by routine. u. 1t l""orne officiali. There aie almost no semi-official holida either. Most official holidays occur either jlst before 9r ju ;il;; " weekend, so that thL practice of making a. "bridge" almost unknown. Moreover, there are no traditional extra trotiauy. in particular places. Although the origin of the iiholid"y" is "holy day';, not all public holidays (usually knol UunL holidays") ir.

Altusive parents may show disregard for the child's own needs, lirrrilccl abilities, and feelings. Many abusive parents believe that 69 tell," creating a conspiracy of silence about the abuse' . LISTEN TO THE PLEA '*O"O*O,U Bg Joy L. Reed CRASH - the front door slams. You are home and our family pa place lirrorv if I The rrrrcl I xl)erlence. happened," you whine "I don't want to get mad, you need to ttt. houie cleaner," you say, "I uT so-rry ygll made me correct t ""p you again. urrr"ld my faults fiom my mother,-who always needed correctin I remember watching dad punish her.

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