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Corrugated horns are generic and hugely effective, specifically of their use as feeds for microwave reflector antennas. This ebook is dedicated to the speculation and layout of corrugated horns and scalar feeds and explains why hybrid mode feeds are excellent feeds for reflectors

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A detailed account will not be presented but it should be recognised that such values of rl/rQ can prevail in the throat of a horn. Effect of space harmonics Fig. 3 shows fir% as a function of krx with inclusion of the N=±l space harmonics in addition to the fundamental; higher harmonics beyond the N= ± 1 pair have negligible effect on fir. Inclusion of harmonics has an influence on all of the special conditions discussed above to an extent which depends on the mode and the waveguide parameters.

4 Comparison of high frequency cut-off values (krj 0-7 11-23 — - ri/r0 SI model SH model % error 0-6 7-32 6-5 12-6 of the HEn mode 0-5 4-85 4-5 7-8 0-4 3-29 3-17 3-8 in the SI model is clearly less valid. Nevertheless, the mode chart of Fig. 9 is a useful guide to design. In subsequent discussion of the radiation characteristics of corrugated waveguides and horns we shall frequently make use of the SI model in the vicinity of A = 1. 0-4 Fig. 9 High-frequency cut-off mode chart Fig. 10 compares for the HE n mode, the normalised wave number Krt as a function of the normalised frequency krx using the two models.

Then as kr1 increases, A increases to reach the balanced condition A = + 1 before tending to infinity at the 'short-circuit' condition where A = SA = «> a n ( j r 0 — rx ^ A/2. We note that for asymptotically large values of krx, not represented in Figs. 37) Cylindrical corrugated waveguides 29 where q = 0 for HE l m modes and q = 2 for EH i m modes. 38) Dragone [56] has pointed out that, within the surface-impedance model, for larger o0 Fig. „ 2kr x ! 42) 30 Cylindrical corrugated waveguides and larger values of krl, the actual value of the surface impedance has less and less effect on the propagation behaviour of a fast hybrid mode.

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