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By Barry Unsworth

"His willing figuring out of historical past and legend...illuminate[s] his visits." —Publishers Weekly

"A brilliant photograph of the island." —Associated Press

"It is difficult to consider anyplace in the world the place such a lot of firsts and mosts are stuffed right into a area so small," Barry Unsworth writes of the isle of Crete. Birthplace of the Greek god Zeus, the Greek alphabet, and the 1st Greek legislation, in addition to the house of 15 mountain levels and the longest gorge in Europe, this land is definitely specific. and because precedent days, its population have maintained an incredible tenacity and feel of nationwide identification, while they suffered conquest and career through Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians, Ottoman Turks, and Germans.

Throughout this evocative ebook, now in alternate paper, Unsworth describes the marvelous actual and cultural proportions of the island—in background, fantasy, and truth. relocating and crafty, Crete provides readers a accomplished photo and wealthy realizing of this complex—and certainly, nearly magical—world of Mediterranean wonders.

With an identical prepared eye and transparent, eloquent prose that distinguishes his acclaimed historic novels, Barry Unsworth offers his readers a two-fold traveler's present, right now a superbly precise landscape of Crete's many layers of heritage and an evocative portrait of an island virtually actually higher than lifestyles.

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