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By Sara L. Latta

The best way to care for the behavioral, emotional, and actual adjustments which may take place after the loss of life of a friend.

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A support group can help you accept these changes. smoking again—a habit she’d quit last year. When Andy’s father died, he felt as though he lost not just a parent but a part of himself. Not only had he inherited his father’s dark curly hair, but his quirky sense of humor and optimism as well. Now Andy felt as if both of those characteristics had died with his father. Andy had never dreamed that losing his father would change him and his family in so many ways. hen someone you love dies, it is as though someone threw a stone into a pond, sending ripples of loss wider and wider throughout your life.

You may be faced with the challenge of enrolling in a new school, making new friends, or adapting to a new family—even as you’re grieving for your parents. Maintaining connections with your old life as you adapt to your new one will help. Try to stay in touch with your friends. Meet them for a movie or lunch, if your new home is close enough. Talk to your guardians about using the telephone, e-mail or instant messaging to stay in touch if you’ve moved far away from your friends. Keep things that remind you of your parents and your old home, such as pictures, a favorite quilt, or the clock that chimed on the mantel.

Now, things are changing all over again. As hard as it may be for you to accept, it is normal and healthy for a parent to want to develop a close relationship with another person after losing a spouse. It is not disloyal to love again after losing a husband, wife, or partner. Nor is it disloyal for you to like the person your father is dating. In the same vein, if your best friend died, it is not a sign of disloyalty to forge new friendships. If the guy you’d been dating was killed in a car wreck, it is okay to date again, but be careful that you don’t let your grief lead you into a sexually intimate situation that you are not ready to handle.

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