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By James Axler

A new release after a world nuclear disaster, Minnesota is a steamy tropical surroundings of lush vegetation and horrifically mutated bugs. rising torn and battered after a triple leap throughout the gateways, Ryan Cawdor and his band of post-holocaust survivors detect an deserted cryonics complicated a doomed delusion started a century earlier than in an international distant from Deathlands. Dr. Mildred Wyeth is effectively revived from subzero suspended animation and joins the group of warrior survivalists. within the jungles of Minnesota, the crowd discovers yet one more freakish legacy of an international cone hideously improper: Vikings. within the Deathlands, the earlier and the longer term are clashing with scary strength. GraphicAudio...A motion picture on your brain is a different audio leisure adventure that includes a complete forged of actors, sound results and cinematic tune. Publisher's Weekly says "Graphic Audio provides an motion and sound influence loaded audiobook that lives as much as its tagline, a film on your mind." Audiofile journal says, GraphicAudio units the most advantageous for full-cast dramatizations, and new listeners turns into fast fanatics.

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Her tumbled mane of bright red hair was curled tightly about her neck and shoulders. The hair was sentient and reacted to whatever was going on. Once Krysty was recovered from the jump it would uncurl and fall naturally down her back. " Ryan risked a nod. " She paused. "Been better. " Krysty looked around. "What in Gaia's name happened, Ryan? " "Zimyanin attacked me during the first jump. Both blacked out. Came around. " "And we jumped again? No wonder I feel so lousy. " Ryan managed to lever himself up until he was sitting with his back flat against the cold glass wall of the chamber.

Ryan Cawdor blinked, opening his one good eye. The patch over his ruined left eye had shifted during the fight with the Russian, and he lifted a hand to straighten it. And saw Zimyanin. The stocky Russian was crouched on the far side of the gateway chamber, like a beast waiting to spring. His heavy features were smeared with soot, and a worm of dried blood from the corner of his mouth had clotted in his drooping mustache. "Bastard," Ryan said quietly. His own blaster, the 9 mm SIG-Sauer P-226, was bolstered in his belt and he began to reach for it.

The room beyond that was also closed, and Ryan pushed at it with his hand. B. exclaimed, wrinkling his nose. "That's a corpse stink, if ever I smelled it. " Krysty touched Ryan on the arm. "There's bad news out there, lover. I can feel it, real strong. " he asked. B. said. " "I was once privileged to be present at the opening of the catafalque of some ancient Egyptian priest. Apthak something or other. I disremember his name. It had been sealed for centuries. " Doc shook his head. The blood had clotted, dark brown, on his grizzled chin, making him look as though he'd been in a fight.

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