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Thomas Sorell seeks to rehabilitate perspectives which are hugely unpopular in analytic philosophy and infrequently immediately brushed off. His booklet serves as an interpretation, if no longer outright revision, of unreconstructed Cartesianism and responds on to the critique of latest philosophy. to spot what's defensible in Cartesianism, Sorell starts off with an image of unreconstructed Cartesianism that's characterised as lifelike. Bridging the space among background of philosophy and analytic philosophy, Sorell additionally demonstrates how a few modern analytic philosophy is deeply Cartesian.

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But ‘simplicity’ is a mind-relative notion. In Descartes’s writings it is usually defined as what can be understood on its own, or what cannot be understood better by reference to something else 3 4 5 Bernard Williams, Descartes: The Project of Pure Enquiry (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1978), pp. 64f. : Harvard University Press, 1992), pp. 80–107. ‘Simple with respect to our intellect’, as it is put in the early Regulae (AT X 418, 419; CSM I 44). xml CY578-Sorell 12 0 521 85114 9 May 27, 2005 17:42 Radical Doubt and Inner Space than on its own.

One thing that can be required of any adequate account of firstperson sentences about pain is that it state the nature of the asymmetry with third-person sentences. It seems clear that the use of third-person 13 See Hacker, Insight and Illusion (Oxford, 1971), ch. 7 for the development of this position in Wittgenstein’s writings. xml CY578-Sorell 0 521 85114 9 May 27, 2005 17:42 Innocent Cartesianism in the Theory of Self-Reference 23 sentences requires an ability to identify and reidentify the referent of ‘He’ or the relevant proper name; in the first-person case, neither condition holds.

And expects the answer ‘No’ – surely correctly. But she thinks it follows from that that ‘I’ doesn’t refer in conditions of sensory deprivation. Her argument is inconclusive. She runs through the kinds of referring term ‘I’ could conceivably belong to and gives reasons why it could belong to none. But these reasons are not always compelling. Why, for example, could ‘I’ not be a demonstrative pronoun, alongside ‘this’ or ‘that’ or phrases like ‘this F’ or ‘that F’? Anscombe’s argument is in two parts.

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