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By Eileen M. Murphy

This quantity comprises 12 papers that current proof on non-normative burial practices from the Neolithic via to Post-Medieval sessions and comprises case reports from a few ten countries.

summary: This quantity includes 12 papers that current facts on non-normative burial practices from the Neolithic via to Post-Medieval classes and comprises case reviews from a few ten nations

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I am also very grateful to Libby Mulqueeny of the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, Queen’s University Belfast, for her help with much of the illustrative material contained within the volume and for producing the front cover illustration. Thanks are also due to Richard Hall of the York Archaeological Trust for permitting a drawing of the decapitated male excavated from Driffield Terrace, York, to be used on the front cover of the volume. Individual acknowledgements are included as appropriate in the papers which follow.

3. Merenda, Attica. Unusual burial in a kiln. (a) Photograph of the remains in situ. Note the small jar near the left arm (courtesy of B’ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities). (b) Drawing of the kiln and the skeletal remains in situ. Note the small jar near the left arm (adapted from the drawings of A. Petrou, courtesy of B’ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities). (c) Detail drawing of the human remains in which differential shading has been used to highlight the different but associated bone assemblages.

A healed linear fracture, approximately 16 mm long, over the left eye orbit which appeared to have arisen as a consequence of sharp-force trauma. The man appears to have managed to live a long life despite his deformities. The nature of the frontal injury, however, may suggest that he had engaged in interpersonal violence and it is possible that he had been socially stigmatised because of his facial deformities. The spikes in his grave may be related to rituals that were known to have been undertaken in order to prevent a corpse from becoming a vampire.

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