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By K. L. Gupta, E. R. Duvall, J. J. Vitek, J. H. Garcia (auth.), Julio H. Garcia M.D., Julio Escalona-Zapata M.D., Uriel Sandbank M.D. (eds.)

From the preface: "Pathologists are answerable for the translation of tissue samples got rid of for the aim of building a prognosis. This textbook has been conceived and organized in a fashion that enables the duty of arriving at a analysis throughout the overview of tissues faraway from sufferers with neurological lawsuits. The section of the diagnostic work-up that's basically "clinical", resembling the historical past of the affliction and the result of the actual exam are completely past the scope of this textbook...Extensive descriptions of sickness strategies, that are to be had in lots of the references brought up, were passed over in prefer of fairly unique descriptions and considerable illustrations of the histologic abnormalities that, as a gaggle, represent a diagnostic entity."

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Therefore, resonance and signal emission at the Larmor frequency can only come from one point on this gradient. The gradients are applied at right angles to each other, and numerous readings or samplings are collected. Computer processing of the information results in a twodimensional image. If more detailed information regarding the fundamentals of MRI is desired, the writings of Curry and associates8 , Harms and associates 18 and Wehrli and associates40 are recommended. The textbook by Curry, Dowdey and Murry is especially useful and understandable to the nonphysicist.

Three thousand of these patients die almost immediately. 25 Of patients who survive the rupture of an aneurysm, 40% will have recurrent bleeding within eight weeks, if untreated, and 60% of these second hemorrhages will be fatal. Of patients who survive the initial bleed and are conservatively treated, 50% will survive for 1 year. 28 Mortality among persoms with ruptured intracranial aneurysm is 45% for the first bleed, 60% for the second, and 80% for the third. Angiography using current catheter techniques, magnification, and subtraction images fails to demonstrate a source of subarachnoid hemorrhage in approximately 7% of patients, if those patients having negative initial studies are reexamined at least once.

Am J RadioI142:247-253, 1984. 12. Elliot RL, Wild JH, Snow WT: Prolonged delirium after metrizamide myelography. JAMA 252:2057-2058, 1984. 13. Enzmann DR, Britt RH, Placone R: Staging of human brain abscess by computed tomography. Radiology 146:703-708, 1983. 48 K. L. Gupta, E. R. Duvall, J. J. Vitek, and J. H. Garcia 14. Ethier R: Skull, thickness and texture. In: Radiology of the Skull and Brain Vol. 1. TH Newton, DG Potts (eds), Mosby, St. Louis, 1971, pp. 154-215. 15. Gooding CA: Skull, vault, size and shape.

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