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Maggie plunged through crude wooden door, Eltar hot on her heels. As the door slammed behind them, she found herself face-to-face with a creature that looked like a very large blue python. Welcome, lover of perversion. What is your pleasure? The hosts beady eyes moved from Maggie to Eltar . A blue tongue flickered out and swept Maggies arm. It hissed. Human... Eltargrabbed her arm. How dare you enter before yourMaster! Bow down to menow! Freaking demons. She knew Eltar was saving her ass -- all the same, she didnt particularly like putting her forehead on the dirty, rock-strewn floor.

She ached for his attention. Despite the impatience snapping at her, Maggie held her tongue and kept still. What good was a gift forRafe if she ruined it with her own wants? Rafecupped her breasts, his thumbs brushing the tips of her distended nipples. Then he let go and tugged on the ball. Pleasure-pain jolted through her and she moaned. Oh, Goddess! Soft lips descended on her tender flesh, peppering the tops and sides of her breasts with sweet kisses. The wetness of his tongue against her raw nipples made her shudder.

She felt like she was hosting a Jerry Springer show. How is Margaret? he asked. Breathes fire. Really? He looked very proud of her. I wish Sarah would let me see her. Shes cute, said Maggie, feeling sorry for the guy even though she didnt want tofeelanythingfor him. Sarah was her friend and shed put the kibosh on ol Eltar . That was that. Your side, right? Eltar grinned. Yes, indeed. Look, Ill see what I can do, okay? I mean youve been out here since forever and that says something about your commitment.

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