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56 we see that the Dp-branes with p 3 carry an electric charge, and the Dpbranes with p 4 a magnetic charge. e. it has both electric + in Type IIB. 53. 59 MDp  1  QR-R: g The inverse coupling constant in the mass formula indicates that the D-branes also belong to the non-perturbative spectrum, though their solitonic character is not as strong as for the S 5. The dynamics of the D-brane are described by a sigma model type of action 109, 68 , which also plays the role of source term for the equations of motion.

After a Kaluza-Klein compacti cation in this z -direction, one ends up with a D , 5-brane, with a magnetic charge, which in the case of a ve-dimensional monopole KK5 corresponds to a Dirac-monopole type particle. This explains its name. 66 As mentioned above these solutions do not have a two-block structure due to o -diagonal terms in the metric, which makes it di cult to distinguish between world volume and transverse directions. We will choose, for later convenience, the z -directions in the case of the wave to be a world volume direction, but in the case of the Kaluza-Klein monopole a transverse direction.

B2; 53 B2 ! 62, in the sense that here the transformation does not interchange the eld strength H with its Poincar
e dual H !  H, but mixes the NS-NS form with the R-R form and vice versa. The strong weak coupling duality can be understood as the interchange of states from the perturbative NS-NS sector with states from the non-perturbative R-R sector. In particular, the Type IIB fundamental string gets mapped to the D1-brane and the solitonic ve-brane to the D5. The behaviour of the Type IIA theory at strong coupling is rather di erent from the way the Heterotic, Type I or Type IIB behave.

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