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By Prof. Dr. med. M. J. Halhuber, Prof. Dr med. R. Günther, Prim. Dr. med. M. Ciresa (auth.)

Since 1955, we've got carried out an annual one-week ECG path at Innsbruck. This publication represents a precis of our didactic event. This English translation follows the enlarged 6th German variation. It includes many diagrams and new examples of tracings, akin to the orthogonal leads procedure of Frank, clarification of maximum axis devia­ tion through the hemiblock inspiration, atrioventricular conduction problems (His package electrogram), re-entry mechanisms, and the workout ECG. the bounds and hazards of ECG interpretations that, in our opinion, may be emphasised in an introductory presentation, are summarized in a last bankruptcy. Our major target was once to make indigestible fabric palatable to the newbie; to supply him with a purple thread during the labyrinth of ECG styles through adopting a uniform process, specifically vectorial interpretation, with a purpose to comprehend specifically tough parts (e. g. the differential analysis of infarction) by way of simplified diagrams; and to arrange him for the learn of systematic textbooks. We think that many such books will be learn on the way to understand a topic that's usually thought of tricky through physicians and even as to advertise serious figuring out whilst known as upon to judge an ECG in perform. the next guides to which we ourselves owe invaluable feedback, whether they don't seem to be explicitly pointed out in our textual content, are urged: BELZ, G. G., STAUCH, M.: Notfall-EKG-Fibel, second ed. Berlin, Heidel­ berg, ny: Springer 1977 BUCHNER, C. H., DRAGERT, W.: Schrittmachertherapie des Herzens.

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For each case the projection of the loop of the vectorcardiogram onto the lead line ofVl is shown. In example (a)cardiac dilatation - activation runs clockwise, and individual segments of the loop are projected onto Vl at different moments, with R' having a greater amplitude, since the terminal part of the loop is larger than its first one. Example (b) - right bundle branch block - shows reversed activation, the loop being inscribed in anticlockwise direction. Fig. 39. 42 , , Differential diagnosis of incomplete right bundle branch block lG left ant r lelt post lascocle III )0 I right bundle branch aVF -aVR III aVF normal II LPH r() III aVF Fig.

Supraventricular origin" means an impulse originating cranial to the bundle of His, that is, apart from the normal sinus rhythm, A V rhythm, atrial flutter and fibrillation. 2. 12 s (in complete block). The entire depolarization is retarded due to the abnormal path of the spread of the impulse and hence QRS duration is prolonged. 3. 03 s. 4. Secondary change in terminal deflection. A change in depolarization elicits a corresponding change in repolarization. 5. Prolongation of the QT interval (electric systole); contrary to the WPW syndrome where it is normal.

It is largest in the lead toward which the vector moves. For confirmation one looks for the lead with the smallest positive and negative deflection, i. , the one to which the vector stands almost perpendicular. Finally, one locates the lead with the most negative deflection, i. , the one facing the main vector. As mentioned, hypertrophy of the left or right heart alters the heart position; thus left axis deviation is found in left hypertrophy and right axis deviation in right hypertrophy. However, it may happen that a juvenile of asthenic build may have left ventricular hypertrophy from aortic stenosis or incompetence but the vertical position of the electric axis may simulate right ventricular hypertrophy.

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