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Are the indices of the poles ABC, etc. 29) Inserting values for

40(b) with [0001] lying on [111] and [I2IO] lying on [I10]. 40(a). Clearly only ±(2021) and ±(I2IO) reflections occur lying parallel to (001) and (IlO) reflecting planes. When the interplanar spacing of these w reflections is taken into account, the position of the ±(2021) and ±(I2IO) spots may be drawn and it is found they superimpose on (002) and (Il 0) matrix reflections. 40(d). The spots from the remaining variants may be 2201 Prediction of SADP is a particularly important part of analysis of complex situations.

The bright Kikuchi line (a) runs through the diffracted spot, (b) is inside and (c) is outside it. c. crystal structure. Note the opposite sense of the converging black Kikuchi lines XX', YY' 38 Practical Electron Microscopy (a) A pair of parallel directions in a pair of parallel planes. Such a method of expression is normally used for coherent or semicoherent precipitate-matrix orientation relationships which are usually simple and almost exact. The orientation relationships between phases in a phase transformation are also expressed in this way, for example the Kurdjumov-Sachs (1930) relationship for the formation of martensite in low-carbon steels (111) 7 // (110ht and [110] 7 // [lil]M where M is martensite and y is austenite.

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