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By Lance Haxvermale, Andy Luke Crossness

As soon as every month while the moon vanishes from the sky, darkish horrors emerge from underground to renew their never-ending attack upon the skin global. Too frequently has the beleaguered city of Rookfast suffered this savage destiny - now they have to flip to a band of heroes for deliverance, or be destroyed. no matter if burned by way of fireplace or drowned by way of water, the heroes needs to locate the mettle to get better a couple of sacred components, and in so doing convey salvation to a city sooner than the subsequent disappearance of the moon. Designed for characters of 12th-14th point, Elemental Moon features a full-length experience that may be custom-made for any fable crusade, with dozens of latest magic goods, deities, and monsters don t omit it!

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1. Lizard men (2d4) 2. Wights (1d6) 3-5. Albatrocity (see Chapter Seven) 6. Commoners (1d4) 7-8. Troglodytes (3d6) 9. Vampire 10. Giant spiders (1d4) 11-12. No encounter Notes on Random Encounters Both the lizardmen (#1) and the party of commoners (#6) are quite mad and cannot be reconciled, driven insane by exposure to the malevolent energies still present in certain places. They attack the party without hesitation, believing themselves to be dead, invulnerable, gods, or a combination of the three.

Street dwarves know which alleys to avoid and – if one has no choice but to walk that alley – how to provide potential muggers with as uninviting a target as possible. Many of them are accomplished at self—defense, skilled at taking out an Street Dwarves as Traders Street dwarves are renowned for their ability to haggle, barter, buy, sell, distribute, and loan. Street 49 New Feat: Instant Awakening General You instantly awaken from sleep at the slightest sign of danger. Benefit: Moments before being attacked while asleep, you may make an immediate Reflex save (DC 15) to awaken and defend yourself normally.

If he makes the check at DC 18, he can call 6d6 such NPCs. These folk stick around long enough to attend to any immediate problem, then return to their business. In only the most extreme cases will they take up arms at the dwarf’s behest.

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