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The subject material of this ebook shaped the substance of a mathematical se am which was once labored by means of a number of the nice mathematicians of the final century. The mining metaphor is the following very acceptable, for the analytical instruments perfected via Cauchy authorised the mathematical argument to penetra te to extraordinary depths over a limited zone of its area and enabled mathematicians like Abel, Jacobi, and Weierstrass to discover a treasurehouse of effects whose kind, aesthetic charm, and potential for arousing our astonishment haven't when you consider that been equaled through learn in the other sector. however the situation that this concept will be utilized to resolve difficulties bobbing up in lots of departments of technological know-how and engineering graces the subject with an extra air of secrecy and gives a robust argument for together with it in collage classes for college students who're anticipated to take advantage of arithmetic as a device for technological investigations in later lifestyles. regrettably, because the prestige of college employees is sort of entirely decided via their effectiveness as examine staff instead of as lecturers, the content material of undergraduate classes has a tendency to mirror these educational examine themes that are at present renowned and bears little dating to the longer term wishes of scholars who're themselves now not destined to develop into collage lecturers. hence, having been comprehensively explored within the final century and being definitely tough .

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4) . Thus do u has a simple pole at iK' with residue - i. Now dn(3iK' + u) _ - dn(iK' + u) and the simple pole at 3iK' accordingly has residue i. , sn u cn u has a pole at u = iK' with zero residue. The statement in the note at the bottom of p. 36 is now easily verified. EXERCISES 1. -q 2n 77 I1 (l+q") - n-1 Exercises 43 2. Obtain the following results: (i) (ii) 1J (1-q2n-1)6=2g1/4k,k-1 2 n=1 I (1 + q24 -1)6=2q1/4(kk')-1 2. n=1 (iii) fT (1-g2n)6=2u-3q-1/2kk'K3, n=1 (iv) 4q-1/2kk'-1/2 fT (1 + g2n)6 = n=1 (v) II (1 -q T = 47C-3q-1/4k1/2k'2K3, n=1 (I + q" )6=12q-1/4k1/2k'-'.

Sn a is read as "es en yew" or as "san yew"; cn u and do u can similarly be read letter by letter or as "can u" and "dan u" respectively. If the parameter i is purely imaginary (q real), the elliptic functions are all real for real values of u. The numerical multipliers have been chosen so that cn 0 = do 0 = 1. 51), we obtain the identity sn2u + cn2u = 1. 4) This is the counterpart for the elliptic sine and cosine of a familiar trigonometric identity and explains the presence of the numerical factor 03 (0)/02 (0) in the definition of sn u.

Deduce that sn w takes all real values. 30. Show that, if cn w is real, then w = 2nK + iv or w = u + 2inK' and deduce that cn w takes all real values. 31. Show that, if do w is real, then w = nK + iv or w = u + 2inK' and deduce that do w takes all real values. 32. Establish the identities (ii) cn(u+v)=cnucnv-snusnvdn(u+v), dnusn(u+v)=cnucnv+snucnvdn(u+ v), (iii) cn u sn(u + v) = do u sn v + sn u do v cn(u + v), (iv) cnucnvdn(u+v)=k'2snusnv+dnudnven(u+v), cnucn(u+v)=cnv-snudnvsn(u+v), dnudn(u+v)=dnv-k2snucnvsn(u+v).

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