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Debenhams, Barclays Bank). No apostrophe is necessary in a Debenhams store or in (go to or take to) the cleaners. 5. The apostrophe must not be used: a. with the plural non-possessive -s: notices such as TEA'S are often seen, but are wrong. b. with the possessive of pronouns: hers, its, ours, theirs, yours; the possessive of who is whose. ° it's = it is; who's = who is. ° There are no words her's, our's, their's, your's. g. g. padre) is found are: accoutre centre louvre * acre * euchre * lucre amphitheatre fibre lustre * cadre goitre manoeuvre calibre litre * massacre * meagre ochre sepulchre * mediocre * ogre sombre metre (note meter philtre sceptre the measuring reconnoitre theatre device) sabre titre mitre spectre * wiseacre nitre ° All but those marked * are spelt with -er in Amer.

Beautiful, fanciful. ) 7. g. merciless, remediless. g. countryless, hobbyless, partyless. 8. g. drily, happily, plaguily. Exceptions: shyly, slyly, spryly, wryly. 9. g. embodiment, merriment. 10. g. happiness, cliquiness. Exceptions: dryness, flyness, shyness, slyness, spryness, wryness; busyness (distinguished from business). 51 Difficult and confusable spellings =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=(not covered in previous entries) The list below contains words (i) which occasion difficulty in spelling; (ii) of which various spellings exist; or (iii) which need to be distinguished from other words spelt similarly.

Checker chilli pepper choosy chord combination of notes, line joining points on curve chukka boot chukker (polo) clarinettist ° Amer. com for more details conqueror conscientious consensus cord string, flex, spinal cord, rib of cloth cornelian ° not carnelian corslet armour, underwear cosy ° Amer. com for more details despatch: use dispatch deterrable devest (only Law: gen. use divest) didicoi (tinker) dilatation (medical) dilator dinghy boat dingy grimy disc ° Amer. disk discreet judicious discrete separate disk (sometimes in computing) ° Amer.

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