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By Javier Pérez M.D. (auth.), Peter Q. Eichacker M.D., Jérôme Pugin M.D. (eds.)

Much examine over the last 30 to forty years has proven that the inflammatory reaction, whereas severe for host safety in the course of microbial an infection, might itself play a significant position within the pathogenesis of sepsis. even supposing key mediators answerable for this damage were pointed out, efforts clinically to enhance our traditional antimicrobial and supportive treatments in the course of sepsis with brokers modulating the inflammatory reaction were unsuccessful. therefore, the mortality linked to this deadly syndrome, specially while advanced via surprise, has remained over and over excessive. regrettably, in this similar time period, the prevalence of sepsis has sped up as different fields of medication have relied more and more on treatments that predispose to infection.
whereas tricky, total this event within the box of sepsis has no longer been with out price. most significantly, it has helped outline on a number of various degrees the complexity of the septic sufferer. spotting and addressing this complexity as mentioned by means of all the individuals to Evolving techniques in Sepsis and Septic Shock might now supply new inroads into the remedy of sepsis.

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A similar behavior of pathogen recognition has not yet been described with other TLRs. Putative TLR functions are summarized in Table 2. Evolving Concepts in Sepsis and Septic Shock 36 Table 2. Known agonists and functions ofTLRs Dro$Ophila: Receptor: Agonisl(s): Implicated in: ToR spi\tzle 11l-wheeler ? QIlIogenesis. 32) ontogenesis. defense against Gram-negative infedion (35. 36) Plants: N(tobacco) L6 (FI;Ix) RPP5 (arabidopsis) Mammal$: TLR1 ? TLR2 PG. LTA, LAM. Upoproleill$ TLR3 TLR4 defense against mosaic virus defense against fungi defense against fungi (37 -39) ?

8. 9. Vincent JL (1994) Sepsis and septic shock: Update on definitions. In: Eyrich K, Sprung C, Reinhart K (eds) Update in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. Springer Verlag, Berlin,pp 3-15. Meakins JL, Marshall JC (1989) The gut as the motor of multiple system organ failure. In: Marston A, Buckley GB, Fiddian-Green R (eds) Splanchnic ischemia and multiple organ failure. Edward Arnold Ltd, London,pp 339-348. Niebauer J, Volk HD, Kemp M, et al (1999) Endotoxin and immune activation in chronic heart failure: a prospective cohort study.

TLR2 coimmunoprecipitated with CD14 in cells expressing both molecules (43). It is however important to realize that micromolar concentrations of LPS were necessary to induce a cell response in 293 cells, whereas mouse or human macrophages respond to nanomolar or subnanomolar concentrations of endotoxin. burgdorferi, and Mycoplasma. (56-63). This promiscuity of TLR2 for a wide variety of bacterial molecules certainly implies that it corresponds like CD 14 to the definition of a pattern recognition receptor (64).

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