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By Cornelis C. Tijssen M.D., Michael R. Halprin M.D., Lambertus J. Endtz M.D. (auth.)

Heredity, setting, the position of infectious brokers, and different affects were mentioned inside a multiplicity of things of attainable relevance to the matter of neoplasm etiology. in certain cases, similar to that of retinoblastoma the impression of hereditary elements has been basically proven. The impression of genetic elements in cerebral tumour improvement has been lower than dialogue for the reason that as early as 1896 whilst Besold pronounced sisters struggling with mind tumours. even supposing even more is referred to now in regards to the type, diagnosis, and therapy of those tumours, and a couple of familial instances were pronounced, the current info are inadequate to allow conclusions in regards to the effect of hereditary elements within the etiology of such a lot kinds of cerebral neoplasms, and learn during this region is urgently required. examine on familial mind tumours needs to nonetheless be principally established upon the cumulative case histories that have been suggested. even if a couple of papers include old stories, a few in tabulated shape, the particular facts haven't been available to the researcher, every one investigator being obliged to bring together anew all reviews released at the topic over an eighty yr interval. This booklet represents an try out via the current authors to collect the pertinent info on person instances of familial mind tumours released on the grounds that 1896. For this objective the basic details from the unique articles in German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Czechoslovakian were translated into English.

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E~~_~~~~l (of the biopsy): showed a very cellular tumor with occasional mitoses. The cells had rounded, elongated, or carrot-shaped dark-staining ~~~~E~~: nuclei surrounded by sparse cytoplasm, and were occasionally arranged in pseudorosettes. Some rounded, light-staining areas were seen. There was a moderate number of thin-walled blood vessels .. ~: Cerebellar medulloblastoma. r: The medulloblastoma occurred in a half-brother and a half-sister in a family of 4 children. No additional information concerning the family is given.

0-1-> Ul 0 00 .. -1 ri ct! -I-> O-:l Q) S 0 0 00 Q) . 1 m br ? 18 38 y 2 m br ? 1 m half br ? 2 f half s 1 m 2 ct! 3. Bickerstaff 1967 so: -I-> ct! 2. Kjellin 1960 Ul Q) so: Q) c.... 1. Bennett 1946 . -1 . 0-1-> ct! ct! so: 00»0 ct! c: -I-> Q) ct! -1 Q) .. -I-> 0 0 S oc.... :l riO-l-> ? ? ? Swed. 10 y 10 y vermis of the cerebellum and 4th ventricle 2 Swed. 9 y lly vermis of the cerebellum br 2 s 1 br Engl. 2 y 2 y vermis of the cerebellum and 4th ventricle m br 2 s 1 br Engl. 3 y 1 f s 1 s 4 br Chin.

One brother had a glioblastoma in the left hemisphere and died at the age of 5 years. He also had cafe-au-lait spots on the back. The other brother having a paraventricular haemangioma, who died at the age of 5 years of a rupture, also had a haemangioma in the right hemisphere. case 1 2 = case 2 3 = case 3 4 case 4 5 6 acute myelogenous leukaemia acute myelogenous leukaemia 7 hepatoma 8 hepatoma 9 laryngeal cancer 4 5 6 Both paternal (7) and maternal (8) grandfathers died of a primary hepatoma, and a maternal great-uncle died of laryngeal cancer (9).

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