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By Zhaolun Fang

The flow-injection notion has brought on many very important breakthroughs in instrumental research -- online separation and preconcentration being the main dramatic.

This publication is the 1st to regard this topic -- certainly the most lively fields in automatic chemical research and in flow-injection --exclusively, systematically and in nice detail.

Special pressure is wear the research of adverse samples in environmental, agricultural, and scientific chemistry.

The booklet additionally presents a scientific remedy of easy ideas, functional guidance and helpful tricks for all those that desire to improve their analytical equipment through separation and preconcentration.

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9) recently also reponed on a special function of such reactors in using them for on-line precipitate collection. Precipitates are formed in the reactor and collected almost quantitatively on the reactor tube walls presumably through centrifugal force created from the secondary flow. With the aid of such collectors no filters are necessary to separate the precipitate. Details on the technique are given in Chapter 7. IO: 37 A knotted reactor The so-called ••single bead pearl string reactor"first described by Reijn [I 0], and other packed reactors using inert packing materials are also shown to be effective as mixing reactors [4).

When the carrier flow-rates were lower than the free uptake, attempts were made to compensate for the difference in flow-rate between the sample carrier and the uptake rate of the nebulizer by introducing water or air to improve the precision. Later. these were shown not to be necessary when the carriers were de-gassed, and all fc:ms of flow compensation were found tu degrade the sensitivity to some extent [ 18j. On the other hand, it was reponed in quite an early stage of development that the nebulizing efficiency could be significantly improved by starving the nebulizer to some extent.

1 Liquid Delivery Devices c d e f 25 New and used pump tubes. or pump tubes of different materials or brands should not be used together when a common cam or band is used to exen the pressure. It is rarely possible to optimize the pressure for all the pump tubes simultaneously. Such precautions are not necessary when separate cams are used for each individual pump tube. The flow-rate of a pump channel should only be varied by changing the pump tube or the rotation speed of the pump. One should never attempt to vary the flow-rate by adjusting the pressure screw.

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