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Immerse in the saline a pinhead-size piece of skin excised with a Walser dermatome (if that is not available, use a razor blade). Cover with a coverslip, let stand 20 min, then examine with the microscope at low power (rv 300x). The organisms will pass from the skin into the saline medium and will move vigorously in the fluid. Mycobacterium Species (M. tuberculosis, M. leprae) One or two of the following reactions are used to examine a suspicious sample. The Kinyoun and auramine stains are usually combined and have largely replaced the Ziehl-Neelsen stain.

Fix the specimen with heat. 2. Cover with 10 % carbolfuchsin and heat to steaming 3 times; stain for 3 min. 3. Decolorize in 3 changes of acid alcohol for 3 min. 4. Wash with water. 5. Counterstain with dilute methylene blue solution for 3 min. 6. Wash with water and dry between sheets of blotting paper. Illustrations A. Overview of Cells in the Blood, Bone Marrow, and Lymph Nodes Figure 1 presents an overview of the various cells of hematopoiesis. The figure does not attempt to answer unresolved questions of cell origins and is intended only as an introductory scheme to help the beginner find some order in the bewildering variety of cells.

Place in Gabett solution for 2 min. 5. Wash and dry. Revised by Prof. Dr. R. Disko, Munich B Light Microscopic Procedures I 19 b. Auramine stain: 1. Fix the specimen with heat. 2. Stain with Auramin solution for 3. Decolorize with acid alcohol for 4. Wash off acid alcohol with water. 5. Restain with blue-black ink solution for 6. Rinse off ink solution with water and 20 I B Light Microscopic Procedures 3 min. I min. I min. dry. c. Ziehl-Neelsen stain: 1. Fix the specimen with heat. 2. Cover with 10 % carbolfuchsin and heat to steaming 3 times; stain for 3 min.

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