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content material: ideas and contours of Fourier remodel mass spectrometry / Michelle V. Buchanan and Melvin B. Comisarow --
New excitation and detection innovations in Fourier rework ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry / Alan G. Marshall, Tao-Chin Lin Wang, Ling Chen, and Tom L. Ricca --
difficulties of Fourier remodel mass spectrometry : a path to device advancements / Richard P. Grese, Don L. Rempel, and Michael L. Gross --
software of the dual-cell Fourier rework mass spectrometer / Robert B. Cody, Jr. and James A. Kinsinger --
Instrumentation and alertness examples in analytical Fourier remodel mass spectrometry / Frank H. Laukien, M. Allemann, P. Bischofberger, P. Grossmann, Hp. Kellerhals, and P. Kofel --
Fourier remodel mass spectrometry of huge (m/z>5,000) biomolecules / Curtiss D. Hanson, Mauro E. Castro, David H. Russell, Donald F. Hunt, and Jeffrey Shabanowitz --
Tandem Fourier remodel mass spectrometry of enormous molecules / Fred W. McLafferty, I. Jonathan Amster, Jorge J.P. Furlong, Joseph A. bathroom lavatory, Bing H. Wang, and Evan R. Williams --
Analytical purposes of laser desorption-Fourier rework mass spectrometry for nonvolatile molecules / R.S. Brown and C.L. Wilkins --
Infrared multiphoton dissociation of laser-desorbed ions / Clifford H. Watson, Gökhan Baykut, and John R. Eyler --
Gas-phase photodissociation of transition steel ion complexes and clusters / Robert L. Hettich and Ben S. Freiser --
Fourier rework mass spectrometry experiences of adverse ion tactics / Michelle V. Buchanan and Marcus B. Wise.

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Since i t s introduction i n 1974, FTMS has been demonstrated to be capable of solving a wide variety of chemical problems that are not possible to solve by using other mass spectrometers. For example, a n a l y t i c a l applications have been designed to take advantage of the multichannel advantage and the u l t r a high resolution c a p a b i l i t i e s of FTMS (Jj5). U l t r a high resolution was demonstrated with chemical i o n i z a t i o n (V[-1_8), GC/MS θ 9 ) , multi-photon i o n i z a t i o n (MPI) (20), MPI-GC/MS (20), and laser desorption (2Y).

However the benzene molecular ion signal decreases or increases i voltages. Decreases i r a d i a l d i f f u s i o n w i l l occur; but the ion abundance increases shown i n Figure 5 are more unexpected. 2. Model: Ion losses from an FTMS c e l l can occur by mechanisms other than chemical reaction and r a d i a l d i f f u s i o n . Ions that have acquired s u f f i c i e n t k i n e t i c energy from fragmentation processes can overcome the potential b a r r i e r of the trapping f i e l d especially when low trapping voltages are used.

This might be viewed as the introduction of symmetry: i d e a l l y we would want an a n a l y t i c a l instrument to be invariant to (symmetrical with respect to) a l l variables except the one being measured. Another example of the use of symmetry i n mass spectrometry i s the improvement of resolution i n time-of-flight instruments by addition of the r e f l e c t r o n . Sector mass spectrometer development s t i l l continues; for example, extending the upper range mass l i m i t i s an e x c i t i n g development (6) Techniques employed i n recent designs include inhomogeneous poleface boundaries, non-ferrou more e f f i c i e n t ion sources.

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