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By Carlo Giunti

This e-book offers with neutrino physics and astrophysics- a box during which one of the most intriguing contemporary advancements in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology happened. The ebook is the main up to date, accomplished and self-contained therapy of key matters in neutrino physics. It discusses all of the subject matters important to the certainty of the character of neutrinos similar to what they're, find out how to describe them, how they behave in nature, and the jobs of neutrinos play in shaping our Universe. The booklet offers entire discussions, either experimental and theoretical, with appropriate mathematical information, on neutrino oscillations, extra-terrestrial in addition to terrestrial neutrinos and relic neutrinos. It additionally discusses many implications of present experimental facts on rector, accelerator, atmospheric, sunlight and supernova neutrinos with destiny views. The booklet begins with an creation to box conception and gauge concept that is available even to complex undergraduate scholars, with valuable appendices, and it additionally presents pedagogical yet sufficiently distinctive stories of supernova physics and cosmology, specifically the Cosmic Microwave heritage Radiation. It goals to supply all of the technical info helpful for the pros within the box and to be a virtually exhaustive reference for neutrino physicists with a thousand references.

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176) can be written in a unified covariant form 1 + γ 5 s/h . 181) Ph = 2 The orthogonality of sh and p guarantees that Ph commutes with Λ± because γ 5 s/h , p/ = γ 5 {/ sh , p/} − γ 5 , p/ s/h = 0 . 185) Λh− (p) u(h ) (p) = 0 , Λh− (p) v (h ) (p) = δhh v (h ) (p) . 167) one can derive the useful identities (using a method similar to that explained in footnote 8 on page 25) Λh+ (p) = u(h) (p) u(h) (p) , 2m Λh− (p) = − v (h) (p) v (h) (p) . 188) Let us finally derive some useful relations among the u and v spinors with different helicities.

231) Hence, the state |0 represents the vacuum and the states of a fermion f and an antifermion ¯f with definite momentum and helicity are given by |f(p, h) = a(h)† (p) |0 , |¯f(p, h) = b(h)† (p) |0 . 233) we have f(p, h)|f(p , h ) = ¯f(p, h)|¯f(p , h ) = (2π)3 2E δ 3 (p − p ) δhh . 234) This expression can be written as f(p, h)|f(p , h ) = ¯f(p, h)|¯f(p , h ) = 2E δhh d3 x ei(p−p ) · x . 236) where V = d3 x is the total volume. 232) are not properly normalized to describe real particles. 13. The completeness in the Fock space of one-particle states is given by d3 p (2π)3 2E |f(p, h) f(p, h)| + |¯f(p, h) ¯f(p, h)| = 1 .

29), [Pµ , ψ(x)] = −i ∂ µ ψ(x) . 283) This commutation relation defines the Hermitian operator Pµ . 244) (here we omit the double colons because in this case the normal ordering is irrelevant). Let us now consider the fermion and antifermion annihilation operators a(h) (p) and b(h) (p). 286) d3 x U ψ † (x) U† v (h) (p) eip · x d3 x ψ † (x − a) v (h) (p) eip · x = eip · a b(h) (p) . 232) transform by a phase shift: U |f(p, h) = U a(h)† (p) U† U |0 = e−ip · a |f(p, h) , U |¯f(p, h) = e−ip · a |¯f(p, h) .

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