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By A. Fleckenstein, B. Fleckenstein, F. Späh, Y. K. Byon (auth.), Professor Dr. med. Martin Kaltenbach, Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Rüdiger Hopf (eds.)

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I::~~i~~c IJ--- ~ Oxylocin C Ca-rich tyrode solution >~ J ~'- ,Potential chan\le ~ (' ..... 4a-c. Gallopamil selectively inhibits oxytocin-induced contractions of the uterus without appreciably reducing the oxytocin-induced membrane depolarization. 8 mmol CaH /1, the mechanical response to oxytocin evaluated by planimetry was reduced to about one-third of normal. Subsequent addition of extra Ca2 + restored the electromechanical coupling after a further 20 min. 3, in conventional Tyrode solution gallopamil inhibited the superimposition of volleys of excitation on the oxytocin-induced depolarization.

17 [37-39, 45, 46]. In all these cases the necrosis is caused by an excessive uptake of Ca2+ by the myocardial fibres. Conversely, in all these cases Ca2+ antagonists can reduce Ca2+ uptake and hence interrupt the chain reaction which leads to necrosis. Furthermore, other investigators [36, 52, 56] have all shown that in ischaemic and hypoxie hearts as weIl the effects of simple oxygen deficiency may be further complicated by the simultaneous occurrence of Ca2+ overload. Ischaemia and hypoxia actually increase the permeability ofthe myocardial fibre membrane to Ca2+, resulting in an excessive influx of Ca2+ .

In: Fleckenstein A, Roskamm H (Hrsg) Calcium-Antagonismus. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York, S 29-41 62. SPÄH F, FLECKENSTEIN A (1981) The effects of calcium-antagonists, catecholamines, histamine and dibutyryl cydic AMP on barium-induced ventricular automaticity. Pflugers Arch [Suppl] 389: R8 63. TAIRA N, MOTOMURA S, NARIMATSU A, IIJIMA T (1975) Experimental pharmacological investigations of effects of nifedipine on atrioventricular conduction in comparison with those of other coronary vasodilators.

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