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By A. Hitchings, T. O’Doherty, N. Syred (auth.), R. Clift, J. P. K. Seville (eds.)

This booklet can be of curiosity to all within the procedure industries and within the linked examine neighborhood who're curious about gathering particulates and gaseous parts at temperatures above 2 hundred levels centigrade. some of the significant business trials of scorching fuel cleansing ideas because 1986, in either North the United States and Europe, are integrated.

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0253kg / m3(N). 4 x 10--4and 2 x lO~g / m 3(N) corresponding to low and high ash content coals respectively. Four tests of each 100 hours duration were carried out at 1990. 3%. These experimental results were summarized in table 2. 92ILm and there were no particles larger than 10ILm as shown in table 3. S . 2) and higher efficiency than others, obtained by optimum design of their dimensions. The optimum design method is that a dozen dimensions of a cyclone can be divided into three categories which can be optimized separately by different methods.

The measured grade efficiencies indicate that the curves become steeper with increasing temperature. The deviation between calculated and measured data can prop ably explained with the influence of boundary layer flow and turbulent backmixing in the cyclone. Both these effects are not yet integrated into the calculation model for the grade efficiency. A 28 calculation procedure based on a proposal of Barth allows the calculation of the cut-size diameter with sufficient accuracy. ; [m 1] inlet, outlet area Fe h [mJ cyclone friction height: hg [m] overall height [1/m 2 s) flux of particles /::"p [PaJ pressure drop r; [m) outlet radius ra [m) cyclone radius r'a [m] characteristic cyclone radius rm [m) mean radius rm Re [-) Reynolds number, Re Re.

A quantitative analysis of these relationships would require accurate effIciency data with monodisperse dust. 5. CONCLUSIONS 1. 2. Fine particles carried by a turbulent gas stream are transported by eddy diffusion into adjoining spaces, containing stagnant gas, where they are captured by inertial impaction and Brownian diffusion mechanisms. The principle outlined in (1) has been brought to fruition by placing a large number of sheet metal plates, spaced a few centimetres apart, standing on their edges in upright position on the bottom of a rectangular conduit, occupying its entire width but leaving an unobstructed passage for the gas flow in the upper part of the conduit.

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